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    Geographical Information System

    Preview : Conduct an Internet search for an example of a GIS water resources application that resulted from or is currently used in the United States to address an issue resulting from regulatory compliance. Read More

    Research Methods for Engineers

    Preview : My subject is Research Methodology and Word required is 2000.It is reading 3 journal articles and summarizing and comparing and analyzing the three articles. I picked the three articles already. it is Read More

    Operation of Environmental Engineering

    Preview : Requirement- 1.Write a report on the topic 'Endocrine disruptors in wastewater treatment plants". 2.Research and write about the topic and proviRead More

    Business Perception of Eco Home

    Preview :   Write report has significantly represented the aspects of business perception of Eco Home in order to understand the efficacy of understanding the performance of the business   Read More

    Mobile Forensics Process Models

    Preview :   Write report about a proposed Smartphone Forensic Process Model.   Abstract The paper tries to understand the Smartwatch forensic proRead More

    Engineering & Governance Response

    Preview : Requirement The Task - Watch the Engineering Disaster video on Hurricane Katrina and read the article ''The Katrina Breakdown'' available.Compare and contrast the information provided in the documentarRead More