University of Phoenix ECO/561 Course Online

University of Phoenix ECO/561 Course Online

ECO/561 Economics is a course for three credits that is offered by the University of Phoenix. It is the course that gives an overview and understanding of the working of Economics. Duration of this class is for six weeks that include reflection paper, team learning activities, quizzes, and tests. Our team can provide assistance with the entire coursework and all the associated assignments.

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Details of Every Week Assignments

Week 1: Increasing Revenue: It has a participation, Knowledge check quiz and Weekly learning summary. You have to mention the high and lows of the class.

Week 2: Cost Concept: Entire weight for this week is allotted to the Market Equilibrium process paper in which you either need to write a paper or create a PowerPoint presentation using a real world experience in a free market (not government regulated) to describe a change that occurred in supply or demand as a result of world events that led to the need for a move between two equilibrium states. Explain the process of how that movement occurred using behaviors of consumers and suppliers.

Week 3: Market Structure: It is the week about Current Values and Ethics article, utilizing change and market structure simulation. Weekly Learning summary and Week three participations are the important assignments for this week.

Week 4: Macroeconomics Conditions: Write the economic analysis section of a business proposal. This will include statements about the market structure and the elasticity of demand for the good or service, based on textbook principles. You need to create hypothetical data, based on similar real world products to estimate fixed and variable costs.

Week 5: Credit Market and Globalization: This week has Participation, Peer Review, Knowledge Check and Learning Team discussion and summary.

Week 6: Improving Business Decision: University of Phoenix ECO/561 Final Exam and Final Proposal carries the highest weight. These are the difficult part of the coursework. As a part of the proposal, you need to describe the current global economic conditions.

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