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Are you new to the concept of change management and struggling to write your assignment? It is not something new for the students enrolled in the master's program of management. Change management is one of the common subjects you study and like others, you have to submit a change management assignment to get through the subject. If you feel challenged by the subject, consider taking guidance and online assignment help with change management. We have the best management assignment writers to provide online help with assignment.

Understand the Concept of Change Management Before you Write your Assignment

Change management is an approach that aims at shifting/transitioning individuals, teams and companies from a present state to a desired future state. It is a structured organizational process that empowers employees to accept the changes in their organization and current business environment. When you do your change management assignment, you will be able to understand the validity of the concept in the context of Project Management as it has a higher degree of correlation with project management assignment

You know well about the concept and application of change management and it's a good start to do your homework. However, when you do change management assignments, you have to understand the case study-based assignments instead of generic theory. Hence, it is a wise choice to pick an online assignment writing company to help you with assignment writing. It ensures you grasp the problem statement well and are able to submit perfectly written homework.

What is the Application of Change Management? Understand with the Help of Basic Example

Change management is a concept that falls under the area of Human Resources. Hence, students pursuing HR as a major might come across some interesting case study assignment on change management. When you introduce some change in the organization, you are eventually going to impact one or more of the following

  1. Processes
  2. Company systems
  3. Job roles and opportunities
  4. Complete organization structure

While there are several tools and approaches which can be implemented to enhance the processes of the organization, all of them ultimately refer to adjustment to one or more of the above four parts. Change normally results as a solution to one particular issue or opportunities the organization is currently facing based on external or internal stimuli. While the notion of becoming "closer to buyer" or "more competitive" or "better efficient" can be used to motivate to adopt change, at some point in the later future these aims must be changed into particular impacts on systems, processes, and jobs roles. This is the whole layout of defining change.

How Online Management Assignment Writers Help you with Change Management Assignment?

Our Change management assignment experts have a great deal of awareness about examples to write your change management assignment. Our online assignment helpers make sure you can seek assistance with the areas of management where we see the applications of change management in general, a few of the examples where you can find the application of change management are following

  • Strategic changes - Upper management takes care of Strategic decisions and changes
  • Personnel behavior changes 
  • Supply-chain management 
  • Technological Changes - Technological changes are handled by the designated teams.

Our online writers have knowledge of diverse areas of management, hence any assignment from management based on change can be done by our team of experts without any issues. You will be surprised to see how we make sure you get top-grade when you take our online college assignment help.

How can Successful Change Management Carry out? Our Online Assignment Writers Explain it for you

Change management has a limited set of concepts. The process of change management also includes creative marketing to enable and ease the communication between change audiences, but also deep social understanding about leadership's styles and group dynamics. There are multiple and discrete parameters that should be taken care of to achieve success in change management. Know how can you increase the chances of the successful occurrence of change management are:

  • Effective Communication that gives the information about the change (Why?), the benefits of successful implementation (what is in it for us, and you) as well as the details of the change (when? where? who is involved? how much will it cost? etc.). Cost management skills are also required to optimize product cost.
  • If an organization can devise an effective education and training program or skills upgrading scheme for the organization that will surely help in easing out change management process.
  • It is very likely to have resistance from the employees of companies. Effective steps should be taken to align them to overall strategic direction, vision and goal of the organization. However, they have to make sure that risk quotient in risk management is feasible.
  • Take personal counseling (if required) sessions to suppress any change-related fears and Monitoring of the implementation and fine-tuning as required.

You change management should be based on certain parameters and our online assignment experts make sure your homework touches upon all the niche and closely related areas of management. 

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Change management assignment sample solution - PROJ6003 Project Execution and Control

Change managemnet sample given below is from Laureate International University and the subject code is PROJ6003. Here the case under consideration is Blue Spider Case. There are two parts to the assignments, but we have posted solution for the first part only to understand how change management is effectively used in Project execution.

Why is change management a necessary component of project management? Consider the given case study, critically analyse and identify key issues that could lead to any necessary changes in the project. What processes or strategies do you think would work best to perform the identified change requests from the case study?
Project management comprises of different elements and areas that have their own significance in the overall project handling. Change management is one key area which refers to the collective guidelines and methods to handle the project changes. The project changes can be minor to major and are certain to occur during the project timeline. The management of these changes is necessary for a variety of reasons. Most of the changes in the project come from the project client and the stakeholders. The acceptance and implementation of the valid changes results in positive feedback and enhanced engagement from the client and the stakeholders. There are project changes that lead to the betterment of the project quality and outcomes which make the management of the changes a significant step to undertake (Lahortiga & Cox, 2017). There can be internal reasons that may also be associated with the change requests and requirements. The ineffective management of the changes can negatively impact the project continuity along with other areas of the project, such as schedule management, budget management, resource handling & management, risk management, and many others. 
Analysis of Blue Spider Case for change management 
The Blue Spider project case study is analysed and there are several issues and problems that have been determined from the project case. The project proposal was made and accepted based on the incomplete information shared by Gable and Anderson. Gary was selected as the Program Manager for the project with no prior experience and there were no training processes in place for the new role. There were issues identified in project staffing and test matrix due to the lack of proper planning. There were a lot of communication gaps and issues present in the project. For instance, one of the Functional Managers complained of being unaware of the testing on the new material, JXB-3 (Martinsuo & Hoverfalt, 2018). The customer also objected on the new material and the lack of information sharing on the same. This became the reason for the communication breakdown in the project and the risks, such as schedule delays also came up. The changes in the project will be based on these issues and shall include the involvement of risk management process since the beginning of the project. The changes in communication flow and inclusion of training processes are other changes that shall be made. Also, the project had numerous changes in the scope and specifications. The inclusion of the agile approach would have made sure that the required flexibility was maintained. It is one of the changes that shall be made. 
The changes that are identified from the Blue Spider project case study shall be conducted and managed in a step by step process. The utilization of the PMBoK guidelines for change management shall be done so that the handling of the changes is properly carried out. It shall also be ensured that the changes are verified and validated on a regular basis so that the intended goals and purpose can be met. In this way, effective change management will be possible on the project (Lindberg, 2016). 
The post describes the need and meaning of change management and change control in a project. It links the change management processes with the overall project management and the factors involved in the process are also explained. The use of diagrams and flow charts is done to represent the information which is a strong point since the use of graphical representation enhances the overall level of understanding. The overview of the case study project and the issues present in the project is also listed followed by the explanation of the measures that could be adopted to deal with the same. The resolution to these issues is listed as the changes that must be made to the project. There could be more changes that could have been covered in this part. For instance, there are changes that could be made to the process of handling the risks in the project and in the planning procedures as well. These are not mentioned in the post. The citation of a few miscommunication issues could have been done to further strengthen the response. The changes that are suggested around scope management are superficial and there is no defined methodology included to implement the changes. There could have been specific technologies that could have been listed as a change to the project. Overall, the post covers all the questions that had to be answered and the elaborated details are provided. The case study specific changes and their description is one area that can be further improved. 
Lahortiga, I., & Cox, L. (2017). It Takes Change to Make Change. HemaSphere, 1(1), e6. https://doi.org/10.1097/hs9.0000000000000006
Lindberg, D. (2016). Change Management Tools for Systemic Results. Change Management: An International Journal, 12(3), 1–6. https://doi.org/10.18848/2327-798x/cgp/v12i03/50736
Martinsuo, M., & Hoverfalt, P. (2018). Change program management: Toward a capability for managing value-oriented, integrated multi-project change in its context. International Journal of Project Management, 36(1), 134–146. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ijproman.2017.04.018