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Recent Completed Projects

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Project Management Assignment Help

Project management is a discipline of planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals in an organization. A project is essentially an endeavour with a defined beginning and end undertaken to meet unique goals and objectives, typically to bring about beneficial changes or added value. Allassignmenthelp.com aims to help students understand the practical applications and provide Project Management Assignment help using real projects. 

Students come to us asking do my homework or write my essay often and we never turned them down as long as we are able to assist with the homework. We have built a special team of project managers from corporate world to help you with project management assignments online. You learn about the topic, process of doing your assignment and applying project management concepts to real case studies. We also help students wih six sigma and related cases taught in professional courses.

Different Project Management Methodologies that are useful for PM Assignments

There are certain methodologies that are of utmost importance in project management. Have a quick look at them.

  • Agile project management: This is an iterative method for designing and managing building activities for engineering, IT, and other projects. According to our project management assignment help experts, there are many methods to implement agile management. Few of the methods are scrum, Kanban, and Six Sigma. Scrum is a normal stand up meeting in which stakeholders from different teams discuss the major deliverables planned for the day.
  • Lean project management: In simple terms, lean project management means adding more value to the project without wasting many resources. Most of the concepts are inherited from Agile.
  • Benefits realization management: This is a way to achieve the desired output that stakeholders are expecting to see. As described by a few of Australian project management assignment writers, the generic process of BRM includes identification of investment outcomes, outline the benefit measures of the entire outcome, narrow down a BRM approach, plan the investment and optimize the plan in order to reduce the investment, implement the plan and review the impact of BRM.
  • Process-based management: Process-based management is a methodology that understands the business in terms of the collection of various processes that are carried out to achieve the desired result for a business. The processes are guided by the organization in order to attain the vision, core values and mission.
  • PRiSM: It stands for Project integrating Sustainable Methods. This method is based on sustainable development. The basic purpose of this method is to keep negative impact less on ecology and on society while going forth with a project by integrating environmental sustainability in the overall process of the project. Therefore, PRiSM methodology help in keeping the project eco friendly.
  • Critical chain project management: Eliyahu M. Goldratt is the man who proposed this model. Critical chain project management (CCPM) is a method of planning and managing projects that put the main emphasis on the resources required to execute project tasks.
  • Event chain methodology: This is a methodology that is used to handle an event chain that affects the project schedule. It is also known as uncertainty model or network analysis technique.

These are some of the widely used methodologies of project management. There are other methodologies as well. Project management assignment writers of allassignmenthelp.com have deeper knowledge and understanding of these methods. Therefore, if you are thinking who can write my assignment of management with proper utilization of these methodologies, then take help from our writers. We will produce the best assignment help in project management for you.

Understand Importance of Project Management Framework from Project Management Assignment Helpers

Search the Internet, and you will get ample information on Project Management framework. Our online project management assignment writing experts have a precise and simple definition for this concept. Project Management framework consists of three parts.

  • Project life cycle provides guidance about the basic and fundamental steps of project management. Project development may take place in numerous steps. Few of the general stages through which any particular project can go are Business development, Tendering, Contract negotiation, Mobilization of the project, Implementation of the project and project close-out phase.
  • Project control cycle is the second part of the project management framework. Project life cycle answers "what needs to be done" and project control answers "management and planning of each stage". We make a plan for the activities to be performed and start working on them. We keep a regular check on the progress and make changes to the processes if they are not proving efficient.
  • Templates and tools are used in an organization for the implementation of the project. Making templates relevant to the size, risk and scope of the project is essential to ensure they are effective in supporting the project management. Using and crafting standardized templates can support common language and processes.

AllAssignmentHelp has a complete project management framework that is used by our experts within our organization. We have designed this in order to handle big university and enterprise-level projects. If you have any project related to civil engineering, Information technology, computer science or any other major field you can contact us. We can provide you with the best project management assignment help online.

Why is it Wise to Take Project Management Homework Help from Allassignmenthelp.com

Our tutors have quite a firm grasp of the management concepts, framework, and methodologies. They spend a great deal of time on the research to keep track of the new developments of strategies and frameworks in the area of project management. 

  • Being a pioneer in the field of academic research our online project management homework help comes with few guarantees. We ensure the best grades depending on the timelines. We also ensure original assignments that are 100 per cent plagiarism free and provide the reports and complete referencing (journals, Documents, and theses) and in-text citation to cater to the requirements of all students.
  • Our team of experts cover the requirements of students belonging to major zones of the world. Zones that we are referring to are Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. We provide high-quality college assignment help for the prestigious colleges found in these regions
  • Another benefit you will obtain by taking online assignment help from us is that we are highly efficient in dealing with short deadlines and produce excellent results in a limited time frame.
  • In order to keep the burden off from students pocket, we have kept the nominal prices for all academic writing services. Therefore, you can easily buy cheap price assignment help from us.

Students will enjoy all such benefits along with superior quality project management assignment help. Therefore, if you are in a hurry, get instant assignment help from us now.

Project Management Help for the Students in the UK

Project management is a popular coursework among both professionals and students in the UK. There is an Association of Project Management offering training to the students in the UK. Moreover, many professionals enroll for PM courses in top UK universities to cross a potential hurdle in their career. Before you are eligible to manage a project, you need to have a professional certification of a Project manager. 

Allassignmenthelp.com gets around 100 project management assignments from the students in the UK. Our UK assignment help service have helped many students get their project management certification. We have experienced professioanl managers to help you with Project management cases, homework and papers. You can hire an assignment helper in any location in the UK including London, Cambridge, Oxford etc. We guarantee a top grade or a full refund on our assistance if we fail to impress your professor. 

Project Management Assignment Help Australia - One-Stop Service for Students in Sydney and Melbourne

Both universities in Sydney and Melbourne has Project management courses. Students from various countries come to Australia for higher education. The quality of education in Australia makes it a no brainer for students to chose it as a destination of study. However, when you decide to puruse project management coursework from any Australian university, be prepared for difficult project management assignments. 

The usual project management assignment require you to work on all the phases of project management including requirements gathering, agile project management approach, risk register, cost analysis, Gantt charts and many more. Some of the assignments even require you to run PERT and CPM analysis of the assignment or case under consideration. Allassignmenthelp.com has done Project management assignment from almost every universitiy in Australia. Hence, whatever help you need with project management is not new for our team. Our Australian assignment help has won accolades from students in Sydney, Melbourne and other cities of Australia. 

Project Management is Just One Area of Help, Ask for Help with Management Assignments

Students from different universities ask our writers to make my PM homework. As we are not limited to a specific area in management. Our professional management assignment writers provide premium quality homework and assignment help in all the areas of management. Here is a list of other management subjects for which you can take help from us.

  • Operation management
  • Construction management
  • Leadership management
  • Cost management
  • Operations management
  • HR management 
  • Strategic management
  • Risk management

This is not the entire list, there are more areas we are covering in the field of management. If you are finding yourself stuck on some topic or not able to write your assignment, call us for help. We have professional management writers having vast knowledge in this field.

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FAQs - Project Management Help

Here are a set of questions that help you decide whether to chose our online project management assignment help. We list down the questions addressing the type of concepts we cover, how urgent we can do your PMP assignment and many more.

I am from University of Sydney , Can you help me with my Project management coursework?

We know that management school in University of Sydney gives out lengthy project management assignment, hence, we have done more than 200 Project management case based assignments in last 2 months alone. You can come to us for your homework help online at any time. Our online homework helper has helped students from Melbourne with their PMP case studies, PM Problem solving, Assignments based on PERT and CPM and many more. Moreover, we can help you create Gantt Charts, Work Breakdown Structures and management schedule of large IT management based case studies.

I need research paper on project management urgently, can you do it for me?

Yes, most students come to us asking do my paper of project management immediately. We respond to their requests in positive and provide them with the best help within a blink of an eye.

How much time will you take to complete my project management dissertation?

It depends on the deadlines set by you. You can take our online dissertation help service in order to get quick help with your project management dissertation.

How does a project management template looks like? Find out below and use it do any project management assignment

Whenever you start doing your project management assignment, you come across a standard set of requirements. 

1. Executive Summary 

2. Introduction

2.1 Description of Project 
2.2 High-level Product Characteristics
2.3 Project Purpose or Justification

2.4 Objectives

2.4.1 Primary Business Objectives 
2.4.2 Project Objectives 
2.4.3 Benefits 

2.5 Project Success Criteria
2.6 High Level Requirements

3. Change Management
4. SCOPE Description

5. Schedule and Budget Summary

5.1 Work Breakdown Structure
5.2 Summary Milestone Schedule

5.3 Project Boundaries

  • 5.3.1 Inclusions
  • 5.3.2 Exclusions

5.4 Assumptions

5.5 Constraints 

5.5.1 Solution Constraints
5.5.2 Process Constraints

5.6 Product Deliverables
5.7 User Product Acceptance Criteria

6. Milestone Schedule of Deliverables
7. Summary High Level Budget
8. Quality Management Plan

9. Project Organization & Resources

9.1 External Interfaces 
9.2 Internal Structure
9.3 Equipment and Training Needs
9.4 Additional Resources Required

10. Communications Plan

10.1 Stakeholder communications requirements
10.2 Escalation procedures
10.3 Revision procedures (for updating the plan)
10.4 Status Report Format 

11. Risks and Risk Mitigation

11.1 Detailed Risk Register 

12. Procurement management Plan

12.1 Procurement Needs 
12.2 Procurement Planning Process
12.3 Procurement Source Selection Process
12.4 Procurement Relationship and Performance Management Process
12.5 Procurement Closeout Criteria

13. Stakeholder Analysis

13.1 Stakeholder Register with Roles and Responsibilities
13.2 Stake Holder Analysis

14. Monitoring & Control Procedures

14.1 Scope
14.2 Schedule
14.3 Cost

15. Closeout CRITERIA 

The project management template is a universal template that address all possible analysis related to your project management assignment. Either a IT company case study on project management or any business case study, we can do it for you with the help of the template given above. We have already done different assignments addressing different phases of project management.

Steps to do your project management assignment 

Doing your project management assignment is not a cakewalk, you need to make sure you follow a step by step approach to do your project management. Based on the project management template given above you can follow the steps below to score a top grade on your PMP homework.

  • Read the case study under consideration
  • Understand the objective of the business case or problem statement
  • Outline the success criteria
  • Create a change management plan to foresee any potentail changes that might come in the future.
  • Setup milestone of the projects , you can use MS Excel to create the Gantt Chart containing all the timelines and delivery schedule..
  • Calculate the resources needed to execute the project, assign activities to resources within the Gantt Chart. Make sure you leave days for the holidays.
  • Make sure there are parallel activities under progress in the project, as waterfall model of project management is not suitable for large projects.
  • Setup project boundaries that what is to be delivered and what is not.
  • Once the project is in progress, start working on the quality management plan and communication plan.
  • Work on the risk registers and make sure you have a risk mitigation strategy in the overall project delivery.
  • Final phases are relatively easy where you need to run the stakeholder analysis, project delivery and project closure.

 If you stick to standard project management template and steps mentioned above, you can easily work out your project management assignment. However, to get top grades you should consider taking assistance from professional project managers who have worked in agile setup and knows about Project management tools and techniques.