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Help with Australian Law Assignments and Essay

We have a separate team working on the law assessments belonging to the different regions. The reason is simple and straightforward. Every country has its law system, and it’s different in some sense from the legal system of the rest of the world. It is the reason university students needs a different law tutor to handle the assignment specific to their region. It is why AllAssignmentHelp.com has tutors from Australia to look after law essays and papers.

Hire an Australian Essay Expert to learn about Disciplines of Australian Law

Law of Australia is different from the UK law system; however, we can see a reflection of UK law in the foundation of Australian law system. All of self-governing states and territories in Australia are separate jurisdictions. These states have their court system and parliament systems. The systems of laws in each state are influential on each other, but not binding. Laws passed by the Parliament of Australia apply to the whole of Australia. Let us explore the Australia Legal system in detail. Below are the various laws that are prevalent in Australia.

  1. Australian administrative law: There are various administrative agencies in Australia, and all of them have some authority and power. Over the past few decades, Administrative Law application is currently being influenced by the shift towards privatization and deregulation. Administrative Appeals Tribunals is a distinct feature of the Australian law system. Aforementioned is a hybrid between the court and administrative agency that was established by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal Act 1975. The major changes that were introduced with the inception of AAT were the availability of review on the merits, and the right to obtain reasons for decisions. There are many states and territories in Australia having similar tribunals to the AAT. Few of the territories are Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia and Queensland. The most recent tribunals were established in Queensland in 2009.
  2. Criminal law of Australia: Individual jurisdiction in the Commonwealth of Australia administer the criminal law of Australia. Foundation of Australian criminal law is English common law, which has been evolving in the Australian courts. There is a significant inconsistency among the states when we talk about the criminal law. Australian territory had undergone reforms and adopted the Model Criminal Code to remove this inconsistency. New South Wales, Western Australia and the Northern Territory have participated in modifying some crimes to match the position in the model criminal code, but in many areas states have not changed laws to reflect this code, and in some instances reject the code entirely.
  3. Tort law: Tort is a civil wrong, other than a breach of contract. There are a large number of torts in place to correct the form of conduct or wrong. Tort derives their legal status from the common law. Australian perspective of the tort is influenced by the UK. However, the recently Australian high court has shown a strong inclination towards to principles of the United States. Few of the common trots in Australian Law are Trespasses, Breach of public and statutory duties, international damage to economics interests, breaking a civil law and occupation and possession of land.
  4. Family Law in Australia: This is contained in various pieces of legislation but also includes the common law and laws of equity, which affect the family and the relationship between those people - including when those relationships end. Each and every territory in Australia has a de facto in place. New South Wales has a de facto by the name of the Domestic relationship. Similarly, Other Australian states including Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia have their own de facto for the family and relationships.
  5. Copyright Law of Australia: Australian Copyright Act 1968 covers the scope of copyright in Australia. This act applies the national law throughout the Australia. Copyright law in Australia is federal law established by the Australian parliament. Every possible case of copyright infringement is covered under Australian copyright law. To learn more about the copyright law, please get in touch with our tutors. If you need help with assignment, please fill the online assignment submission form. We will revert in less than fifteen minutes to answer your query and problem.
  6. Taxation Law in Australia: To run any business in Australia, one must need to learn all aspects of Australian Business Taxes. Most of the major business tax like Income Tax, are collected/sanctioned by Australian government by the office of ATO(Australian tax office). In some cases, states also impose additional duties/taxes most commonly for Payroll Tax. The country of Australia holds several tax treaties with other economies to prevent double layered taxation of foreign entities which are currently operating in the Australia. Business law involves taxes such as Goods and service tax (GST), Capital gains tax (CGT) and personal income tax. With respect to employment law, most of the personal income tax is paid by the employer. The employer or head of organization subtracts the needed level of tax out of an employee's monthly salary before it is credited in the employee's account. Apart from taxation law, Australia also have a tax agreement with more than 40 countries. These agreements, treaties are founded to prevent double taxation and enhance the cooperation between international tax authorities.

If you need more information on the law in Australia universities you can go to Wikipedia and Australian law help websites. Our tutors being the law professionals and doctorate students can help you understand the Australian law. They can provide tips for the law homework or the case studies that students get as part of their homework. You can talk to our live chat expert and ask for free law samples to check the quality of academic research that our tutors provide. Moreover, our team also covers Australian securities law, heritage law in Australia and Contract law Australia.

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