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How Allassignmenthelp.com can Help you with Case Study Assignments?

Writing a case study assignment is a tedious process. You have to go through a case of more than 20 pages long and understand what is case about, what went wrong and what went right before you present your case ideas to the professor. Hence, you should know how Allassignmenthelp.com excel at case study assignments so well? Learn from how we write a case

  • Understanding case study - We first invest a few hours in scanning the case and read the abstract, introduction and conclusion of case to get basic idea about the case study.
  • Reading case problem statement - Every case study assignment you get has a case study problem, hence there is a relation between the case study to be analysed and the problem statement you have. We thoroughly make a connection between both the sections.
  • Refer 3-4 case study analysis - We do not copy idea or content from any online case study source, however, we refer different point of views from other industry experts to understand what is the major say on the case study thesis. Moreover, we study the competitor strategy working in the same domain as the chosen company to understand how other companies have been managing issues.
  • Compiiling reference souces - We compile all referred sources before we start writing you case study assignment. 
  • Write case study assignment - We finall after doing all the homework start writing the case study assignment. It is the similar strategy we follow for cases on legals, Medical science, Management or engineering.

If you adopt the same approach as our online case study writers, you will get better over the time. It is a challenging process at the beginning, however, with a consistent effort and study schedule you can master case study assignment writing. Case study writing require a thorough understanding of concepts before you can write a case like an expert, by taking online help from Allassignmenthelp.com you can strengthen your chaces of getting A on your case study homework.

What is a case study assignment and how is it useful?

A case study is the best way to provide an individual a chance to simulate the practical scenario in the theoretical environment. It is a ways of doing research whether it is related to social science, Engineering or Management assignments. It is an intensive study of a single group, incident, or community. Other ways include experiments, surveys, or analysis of archival information. You end up in developing or understanding the practical aspect of any theory you read in class. 

Case study is different from the other rigid protocols to understand the real scenario. It is an in-depth examination of an event such as the cost analysis before setting up a company or calculating the feasibility of a business before setting it up. Case study help is not a rigid protocol to examine a limited number of variables. With the help of case study solving, we can develop a better vision to understand the events and their consequences. This also includes collecting data, analyzing information, and reporting the results. As a result, the researcher may gain a sharpened understanding of why the instance happened as it did, and what might become important to look at more extensively in future research.

We can Help you with Case Studies Assignments from Top Journals

Case studies are one of the primary ways of teaching in the best institutions across the globe. Since purpose of universities is to prepare students for the professional world, hence exposure to the application is necessary. You get to work on various case studies published in the premium and esteemed journals. Here are few of the journals from where you can always ask us for help with case study assignments.

Case studies published in HBR, Yale, and Other top management journals

We can help you with management case studies based on the fundamental of marketing ,strategy, human resource and operations management. Below are few of the famous case studies we have helped students with recently.

  • Cadbury: An Ethical Company Struggles to Insure the Integrity of Its Supply Chain - Due to child labour in the cocoa production Cadbury was hit hard since it has always focused on the ethical way of doing business. Hence, the case questions about how Cadbury can manage supply chain with ethics.
  • Coffee 2016 case study help - a perfect case to understand the issues in Supply chain management. The case talks about why wine producer get the premium but why not the coffee producers. You can buy a detailed analyzed case solution from us.
  • Netflix case study help - The case about how Netflix optimized the DVD rentals and how it managed a tough competition and emerged as a winner. Our case study writers give it a different view and idea altogether. 
  • Volkswagen: Engineering a Disaster - A case about ethical disaster where the company installed switches in their diesel enginers to fool the regulatory authorities about the air pollution. You can ask for case study help on similar cases over ethics in different areas of management.
  • CyberArk: Protecting the Keys to the IT Kingdom - This is a case from Harvard business school focusing on the competitive environment in cyber space and how CyberArk can survive the competition. CyberArk is an Israeli company that has grown over the years , however, many affordable options are putting the monopoly of CyberArk at threat.
  • Aadhar Card Case Study India - India has a huge population and how Aadhar project was initiated and whether was it a success or not. A thorough evaluation of the case study 

There are more case study where you can seek our online case study writing service. We have been actively helping students with their cases on various ethical issues and strategy challenges management.

Students from top Universities Vouch for our online case study assignment writing

Case study writing is a common for students in Australia , the US and the UK. There have been many classical case studies in Australia that are taught to students before they get their coursework grades. Students from the top universities given below come to us every now and then and ask for online case study writing help. Here is the list of the services we are offering with case study writing from different business schools

  • Melbourne Business School case studies writing service
  • University of New South Wales (AGSM)
  • Monash Business School Case study assignment
  • The University of Queensland case studies
  • Help with case study writing from London Business School
  • Cambridge University case study help
  • Oxford University case studies
  • Cases from Harvard Business School
  • Yale School of management case studies

You do not have to think twice when you need help with case study assignment from any of the top management university in the world. We have worked on more than 2000 case studies so far and we have a strong grasp on the case study writing.

Why Hiring an Online Case Study Helper is the Best Choice for Students?

Case study writers working with Allassignmenthelp.com are professional in their fields. Hence, they have been through the rigrous academic process before joining us. Writing a case study assignment requires lots of patience and putting information into right pieces and connecting them together. Here are the reasons for hiring our online case study helpers.

  • Top guaranteed grades - Our case study helpers ensure you get the top grade on your case study assignment. Our experts follow the approach as mentioned in the previous section.
  • Case study help for cheap - You do not have to pay a lot for our online case study assignment help. We understand how much you have to pay for your university education and we cannot further burden you with our prices.
  • Multiple ways of writing a case study - It happens to us that we get a same case all over again, so how do you think we manage to write a new case study answer everytime? We have professional case study writers who understand a case from different point of views. Hence, you can even get multiple answers to your case study assignment.
  • Plagiarism free case study writing - You do not have to worry about the originality of our case study help. We produce case study solutions like pro and your professor will be impressed with the way we write your assignment.

We can do Case Study Assignments from Different Areas of Study

Case studies fit into every coursework, hence you cannot escape case study writing in college. Either Nursing, Law, Medical science, management or IT services, you can write case study on anything. Here are the few study areas where we have online case study assignment writing help available.

  • Marketing Case Study: Learning and understanding various marketing strategies is a part of marketing case study . Whatever hypothesis is made should be explained using the analysis of marketing strategies. A few important steps that can be helpful in handling a marketing case study are:
  • Legal Case study Writing: Legal cases revolve around evaluating and giving a solution to the dispute between two parties. A law case study can be anything about tort, property, criminal or civil cases. For law students, it is important to know the appropriate law sections and chapters that are applicable to the given case.
  • Writing a nursing case study: Writing a nursing case is about documenting or creating a report on a patient disease and medical history. It involves collecting the facts and information about the payment and coming to recommendations and cautions.
  • IT Case studies -  Students get to work on the cases where the entire IT system up-gradation, Company product strategy needs to be re-evaluated. We have professional IT engineers to write your case study assignment for you. 

You can come to us asking for case study assignment writing anytime and we will help you out. Our case study writing makes you look like a professional in your area of study and why would you want to miss such a chance to impress your professor and tap on the top grades.

Sample case study assignment solution

To help you give an overview of what kind of case study assignments we can do for you, we have provided one of the case study from Harvard Business Review - We Googled You and analysed the case based on four problem statements.

Read the Harvard Business Review case study ‘We Googled You’.  This case study focuses on trends and issues pertaining to job candidate selection practices, and specifically with the growing practice of employers searching the Internet including social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter for information on job candidates. As you develop your contribution to this discussion, please consider the following questions in your input:
  • Was it appropriate for Fred to meet with Mimi about the opportunity in China as a favor to his friend?  Why or why not? 
  • Do you believe that Mimi made a good first impression on Fred during their first meeting?  If you were in Mimi’s position, would you have done anything differently? 
  • Should Virginia Flanders be searching for job candidate information using Google (or other online sources)?  What are some advantages and disadvantages to this practice? 
  • Should Fred pass on Mimi (and her excellent qualifications) and continue his search for another qualified candidate?  Do you believe that hiring Mimi would pose a serious threat to Hathaway Jones’ relations with China because of her protest history?

Case Answer 1 - Yes, it was very much appropriate for Fred to meet with the Mimi to avail the opportunity to establish the business unit in the China market.  As according to the case study it was mentioned that Hathaway is passing with the difficult time as his brand is getting old day by day so he is planning to establish its business operation into a new market which is growing also like China. As CEO of the company observe the opportunity to open its stores in China as China market is growing in the Luxurious segment (Coutu et al., 2007). So the company is planning to renew its product and launch it into China market.
So for this issues, the CEO is trying to meet the Mimi who is Chinese and is aware of the policies and procedure of the China business. Although Mimi is against the Chinese policies and is found in the anti-Chinese campaign. But still, it is fruitful for Mr. Fred to meet Mimi as it will enlighten him in regards to the policies and accordingly  Fred can also understand the norms and policies of the china which will serve the guidance to set a store in China.
Case Answer 2 - Yes, Mimi made a Good first impression on Fred during his initial meeting. Mimi put a smart first impression on Fred. While discussing the policies practices of the China government and living standards of Chinese Mimi showed her intelligence that she had. She very well presented her ideas to Fred on the policies of the Chinese government in regards to business and other social concern. 
But she missed disclosing the newspaper and article to Fred in a way to more convince Fred about her personality and ideas. So but overall her first impression is very strong and smart. Yes If I am at Mimi position I have tried more to convince Fred about to start the business unit in China as it is growing. Beside this, I will also try to make his awareness of the social media issues of my personal attributes. So the first impression on Fred is very good as Mimi has smartly and intelligently answered about the Chinese policies and made the Fred start the business into China (Palfrey et al., 2007). She very well explained that China is going to balance the intense materialism of the past 2 decades so it has great opportunity to start the business store in China. As it will lead to having a better result. She has given many new ideas related to women fashion and how to make the brand a great success. Which impressed the Fred a lot.
Case Answer 3 - Yes, Virginia Flanders is searching the potential candidate using Google and other social media. For screening the candidate Flanders noticed various news about Mimi which were posted on social websites and news.
There is a various advantage to search the job candidate through Google such as it leads to knowing the exact information of the employee. It will enable the recruiter to identify the true picture of the candidate past and present history. Assessment can be done easily and in the least time. Although it contains some demerits or disadvantages of using the Google for screening the candidate as some time it leads to an ineffective decision such as in case of Mimi through screening the profile on Google various news is pop up and some are irrelevant also as Mimi itself said that all have access to write and post on Google so if anybody posted any wrong information then you are not able to withdraw it from the Google. As a result, it will portray a negative image which is not even true sometimes.
Case Answer 4 -  Fred should hire the Mimi he should as Mimi is the right candidate to make the change in the organization. As Mimi is very much qualified for the position and she will help the organization and Fred to reshape the concept of the brand and make the brand a great success (Boyd et al., 2007). As Mimi has great experience to deal with this particular type of project. 
But Fred ensure that Mimi should not work in China as working in China will lead to many challenges as the government of China will know that who is the manager in the company so it will affect the overall image of the organization as a whole. But Fred should hire Mimi and turn her to take the responsibility in the USA and made her responsible for making strategies.
Coutu, D. (2007). We googled you. Harvard Business Review, 85(6), 37.
Palfrey Jr, J. G. (2007). Commentary: We Googled You. Harv. Bus. Rev, 5.
Boyd, D. We googled you: Should Fred hire Mimi despite her online history? June 2007. Case Commentary. Harvard Business Review.