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Hire a Tutor in the UK for Law assignment writing

UK has three distinct legal jurisdiction systems: England and Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Each of these regions has their legal system and origin. You can go to the official sites of the respective counties to learn more about the legal systems in all the three regions. Moreover, like any other country, Law system of UK is fairly complex. One has to understand various areas of law such as business and taxation law, employment law, civil and criminal law and their connection with one another.The UK has an unwritten constitution that there is no single written document that describe the sets of rights for an individual citizen and how government should act on these issues. The U.K government comprises of several sources, some of which are stated in a written document such as statutes. Constitutional conventions are a crucial aspect of U.K constitution. It's non-legal and unwritten source of constitution. It can be defined as "...rules of constitutional behavior which are basically considered to be binding upon the people who operate the constitution but most of them are not enforced by the court, nor by the offices in the house of common". For instance, a constitutional convention specifies that monarch must give his royal assent to a bill, if advised to do so by the prime minister. "

Disciplines of UK Law

Few of the fundamental laws in The UK are given below. Our UK assignment writing service covers every legal system homework belonging to the areas given below

  1. British nationality law: This law concerns citizenship and other categories of British nationality. This is complex to understand because of the historical status of United Kingdom as an imperial power. There are primarily six classes of British national namely, British citizens, British Overseas citizens, British subjects, British protected persons, British overseas territories citizens and British Nationals. There are many ways in which one can acquire the citizenship of British. Someone is born in the United Kingdom; he/she will become the citizen of UK.If a child is born abroad to the parents out of which one is British. Aforementioned is only transferable to one generation. Learn more about this area of law using our free law assignment samples.
  2. Homework help with the United Kingdom labor law: Labor law is more about the legal relation between the workers, employers and trade union. There is various wage law passed and implemented by the UK legal system. National Minimum Wage Act 1998 includes the right to a minimum of 6.31 GPB for over 21 years old. Apart from this there are many other laws that are implemented for the fair decision. According to the Employment Right Act 1996, an employer should give a reasonable notice after one month of work. If an organization takes over some other firm, it must keep all the policies intact and cannot take undue advantage of the employees and legal contract.
  3. United Kingdom Company law: This is one of the most important areas for the university students. There are many universities in The UK that offer specialized courses related to company law. This law regulates corporations formed under Company Act 2006. Another law that is important in the context of company law is UK insolvency law. Company law is designed to rescue the company from a bad situation. There is many other important concepts of corporate governance, capital regulations and company formation law. If you have any law assignment that the need to be critically evaluated and falls under the umbrella of company law, then AllAssignmentHelp.co.uk is the right place for you.
  4. Legal education in the United Kingdom: Legal education in the United Kingdom is divided into the common law system of England and Wales and Northern Ireland, and that of Scotland, which uses a hybrid of common law and civil law. To become a lawyer in England and Whales one has to pass the qualifying exam. The degree obtained by the student consists of seven modules are drawn from the area of public law, European Union law, criminal law, Trust and Equity, the law of obligation, property law and procedural law.

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There are no barriers with borders. We provide Law essay and assignment writing to the students based in Australia, the UK, New Zealand and the US. Whether you need help with taxation law or you are stuck writing a moot court script for criminal law, our experts can hook you up with any sort of academic assistance. We appreciate your stay and looking forward to a long professional relationship.