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Marketing management is a business discipline concerned with the practical marketing techniques and the firm's marketing resources and activity management. Students pursuing MBA are often asked to submit an assignment based on marketing management. The need for marketing management is felt because of the Globalisation that has facilitated the cross borders marketing. Globalisation has made international marketing management highly significant and fundamental for the marketing strategy of the firm. It is what marketing management all about and the reason why student needs marketing management assignment writing services. Quoting Philip Kotlar "marketing management is planning, analysis, control and implementation designed to bring radical exchange with the target market for the aim of completing organizational objectives."

It relies completely on designing the organization with respect to the target market desires and needs and using effective communication, effective pricing, motivate, service the market and distribution to chain retailers and wholesalers. Marketing management is relied upon careful analysis,chalking out a specific program and forecasting the marketing conditions and ultimately executing all this plans with a collective aim to reach the objective. You can get more details about the marketing essentials by giving a quick overview to 5 C's of marketing.

The main objective of marketing management is same as that of business which are growth and service to society and profit-making. Marketing management can add up and contribute to any enterprise to achieve these aims by distributing and developing products and services which can satisfy the requirements of customers and at the same time give maximum profit to organization.

A business firm establish the wing of marketing management to sell a service/product to its customers. Therefore the main objective of marketing management is to make new customer base and provide revenue to organization. Creating customer implies exploring and recognizing the requirements and optimal needs of customers. If a firm is to grow, it rapidly needs to create new customers. Marketing managers should always analyze and understand what they want from our product. Than they must need to implement the precise sales promotion techniques which can benefit the sales.

Creating new customer and expanding customer base is not enough. Business should distribute and develop the products and services which meets the need of customer to their complete satisfaction. If a customer is not satisfied, the business will not be able to generate expected revenue and earn a reasonable return to the capitals. Satisfying customers doesn't solely depends on matching customer needs but it also requires the frequent supply of goods and apt customer support service.

Many enterprise use the technique of integrated marketing communication which boost up the communication and customer support service. You can also avail integrated marketing communication lessons at

Marketing managers play a vital role in deciding the right product for the customer. They are responsible for handling the level, timing, and composition of customer demand. The role of marketing manager varies with the firms and area they are working. For some recent years marketing management has gained its importance to meet increasing competition and the total need of improved methods for the aim of cost cutting, efficient distribution and gain more profit. For instance, marketing manager acts as the general manager at a large consumer products company. If we take an example of Pepsi and Coke, a marketing manager is also the general manager of their product. The firm must have a clear understanding of the principle and objective of their business for creating the cost-efficient marketing management strategy assignment. By solving Marketing management assignment students get to learn about the other overlapping area, such as market analysis and marketing orientation strategy assignment help online.

Concept of Marketing Management Analysis

  1. Porter five forces analysis: This is a standard framework employed by industry for market analysis as part of marketing management. Porter five forces analysis is an improvement over the SWOT analysis. Five-marketing analysis forces given by porter are Threat of new entrant, Threat of substitute product or service, Bargaining power of buyers or customers, bargaining power of suppliers, intensity of competition. This is the basic about the porter five force market analysis. We provide detail explanation of all the concepts in marketing management assignment solutions
  2. Help with Marketing research techniques: There are many techniques that are employed by the organization to collect relevant information. Few of the important marketing research area where we provide assignment help are qualitative marketing research, quantitative marketing assignment help, Experimental techniques help and observational techniques assignment help for marketing major students.

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