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Criminal law is one of the oldest areas of law. Whenever we think about Law, it is the first thing that comes to our mind. Any sort of misdoing is considered as the crime; however there are different terms and classifications in the field of Law. Not every misdoing in considered as a crime. There are predefined sections that help a court identify the applicable law.Apart from civil law, Usually there is two types of criminal laws: Felonies and misdemeanors. A misdemeanor is a type of offense which is considered as low lever criminal offense such as traffic offenses, minor assaults or petty thefts. The penalty charged for misdemeanor in most countries is usually one year or less. On the other hand Felony crimes involves more serious offenses such as manslaughter, murder, dealing drugs, robbery, rape and arson. The punishment for these crimes depend on the nature of offense along with the location where the felony crime was committed. Moreover, every country/state have different body of laws which varies from state to state.

Working on the law assignments is an arduous task because of the amount of research needed regarding the applicable sections. For example, the US law has the different applicable section to a given case as compared to any other country. Hence, it is difficult for assignment writing companies to assist students unless they have region specific law experts.Some of the popular topics

  1. Drug crimes includes state and federal laws which strictly regulate in several cases which prohibit dealing, distribution of drugs, medical marijuana and other hard substances.
  2. Bonds and bails, A defendant can stay out of custody until the case is resolved by court-ordered bonds and contract bails as an assurance that they will appear in the hearing when required.
  3. Parole and prohibition
  4. offer an alternate and lenient way to a jail sentence, while people allows a defendant before the end of their sentence , if they follow all guidelines.
  5. White Collar Crimesare some offenses which are committed to gain money, financial capital. which includes a wide variety crimes from theft, fraud corruption to more organized crimes.
  6. Theft crimes includes robbery, larceny, shoplifting, burglary, auto thefts. The punishment of theft crimes depends on prior offense such as History and the use of a weapon and other factors.
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