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The consumer buying behavior is influenced through economic expectations and decisions. The consumer expects high quality performance through more dependability and maximum durability from the services or products. The process of decision making involves purchasing a specific product from various available options that depend upon the willingness and ability to purchase. The process to select is called as consumer buying decision. From the aggregate population, a sample of 5 consumers was selected from different categories of buyers: Individual, Household and Corporation. In this report we will assess the consumer behavior that is impacted by the Internal and External factors of influence for Shoe in New Zealand market (Armstrong, et al., 2015). Also we will recommend the marketing mix strategies for the Product, pricing, distribution and promotional policies that must be adopted by the market for Shoe to influence the behavior of consumer prior to the purchase of shoes from Shoe market. An interview will be conducted through survey using structured questionnaires designed for the three groups of buyers: Individuals, Household and Corporation

Report objective

This report will analyze various factors that impact the decision of consumer buying behavior for the shoe in New Zealand. The factors include advertisement, brand name, product availability, quality and price. The factors of the consumer buying behavior are categorized into Internal and External factor.

  • To identify the various personal views and opinions of the individuals, households and corporation with respect to different brands of Shoe.
  • To study the various variety of shoeswhich are preferred by individuals, Households and corporations according to their choices.
  • To identify the factors which influence the individuals while making their purchased in respect to usability in the sports activity, Price, Variety, durability and Quality.

Different Types of Consumers

In this report the five different types of consumer chosen are

  • Two individuals: James and Harry
    The Two individuals are working in an IT company. Their age group is between 26-30 years of age.
  • Two household: Two households were from the New Zealand
    The households are from New Zealand and all the members of the family are working

One Corporation: The organizational buyer or purchaser comprise of the institutions (churches, schools etc.), public sector agencies, Not for Profit Business and profit businesses. In all the contexts they purchase the goods to run the organizations.

All the participants are from the New Zealand Market and from various age group. Individual buyers and household buyers involve those individuals and households who buy the services and goods for their own personal use or by whole household or any member of the household. Buying the gift for a personal also come under the individual buyer category. Inevery context, the goods are purchased for the ultimate use and consumption by household or individuals (Armstrong, et al., 2015).

Primary Method of Data Collection

The main aim of this investigation of consumer behavior analysis through survey questionnaire method is to evaluate the behavior of customer which is influenced through external and internal influence and also identify the theories of marketing which impact the decision making process of consumers (Baker, 2014).

Sample Size

The key process to decide the interviews revolved around and was concerned with identifying report’s limitations with mainly small number of the interviewees. This meant that the fair representation and depiction of the population will be really tough. This is the reason that total five people were chosen for this study which involved two individuals (Male and Female), 2 households (Both were addicted to travelling) and one organization.These three different types of consumers gave the best presentation of the population from such small number of people.

Discussion and Findings of the Task

External Environment Impact

According to you, does promotion and advertisement impacts your decision to purchase shoes?

Culture and values: Many customers agree over the fact that it is completely trust worthy for purchasing the low price Shoe sold by a recognized brand (East, et al., 2016). Many of the retailers use their names to sell the high valued shoe products in whole of the banding strategy. Findings: The report and survey depicts that low priced Shoe that are labeled in strong corporate brand name helps to increase the familiarity of brand to the customers and also enhance their trust and its probability is also high which may influence the buying behavior.

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Joseph D. ,
New Zealand

Provide rating to following factors that impact your decision to purchase Shoe

Demographics, income and social class: The outcome from this finding depicts that approximately 85% of the customers are regular user of shoes because of its various uses of shoes (Krush, et al., 2016). Findings: The extreme brand recognition is caused by attractive package provided by the marketers ofshoes which are easily recognized and identified by the consumers.

You got to know about Shoe through

Reference groups and Households: The results show that most of the respondents are aware about the various uses of Shoe. However, as per the survey only few of the consumers are not aware about it but still they purchase it, while many of the customers are aware about this and still they don’t buy it (Lagat and Frankwick, 2017).

Findings: The familiarity to any brand is not considered as a major factor which influences the decision to purchase.

Does Shoe come in your budget?

Marketing activities: Examples and proofs from the results mainly stress over the fact that price is considered as a significant factor for the target group like individuals who are earning a moderate income which influences them to purchase theShoe. It shows that people purchase Shoe due to the consumer perception that the price of Shoe is lower than the other similar brands

Findings: Also individuals save a lot while purchasing Shoe if any discount is there (Pappas, 2016). However, few of the target group have the opinion that price may not be considered as the most significant factor to purchase the Shoe, instead they take the consideration of aspects such as size, comfort and package of the products. Furthermore, for many consumers, the element of price is considered as a quality indicator as these consumers have the notion that high price indicates high quality and vice versa. Thus the consumers must take into consideration other aspects like quality when they are planning to buy Shoe (Ramaseshan, et al., 2013).

Will you happily pay more to improve the Shoe?

Perceived Quality: The results from the survey questions depicted that many customers who are making purchasing the Shoe thought and perceive the quality of thisShoe as good.

Findings: Nobody wants to pay for the goods having low quality. Thus, quality is known to be the most significant factor which affects the experience of purchasing.

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Internal Environment Impact

What is your satisfaction level and factor for the Shoe to buy it repetitively?

Needs, Motives and emotions: Few of the customers want to ensure the Shoe quality prior to buying decision (Schiffman, et al., 2013). These customers must look for the Shoe which lowers the risk. The results have shown that few individuals are satisfied with the leather quality and design of shoe. Findings:The Shoe are supplied and delivered from various nations due to which few nations concentrate on the leather quality while other have design specification on their priority list. However, many consumers believe that size, volume, and quality of the package is very much satisfactory.

Shoe is worth the price I pay for?

Perception and memory: The research has shown that many customers are satisfied with Shoe quality along with the price which is offered by the company. Many respondents have the notion that they pay less as compared to other similar goods, which increases the value perception of consumers. Thus, cheap store brand goods may enable the customers to have notion about high value which is considered as a relation between price and quality (Sharma, 2014).

Findings: If the expectation of the consumers matches the price with quality, then whatever they will sacrifice will be observed as high value for the product. Also it is proved that all the customers who have high value to the Shoe may perceive less risk. Thus, there exist a negative relationship between perception of risk and value perception.

How likely the family friends and relatives may change their attitude for Shoe through word of mouth?

Personality and lifestyle: The findings show that both male and female are equal in proportion to buy the Shoe and even the person who earns comparatively lesser income owns a positive attitude and behavior for the Shoe as compared to the person who earns more (Solomon, et al., 2013).

What makes your decision to purchase Shoe?

Attitude: If the customers are familiar or aware about the brand for which they own a positive attitude, they will certainly agree to purchase the product. The results from this survey depicts that many customers have a positive approach and behavior towards the Shoe due to its comfort. The brand awareness, brand familiarity and consumer preferences have the impact and influence over the changing and dynamic consumer attitude for the Shoe.


When transferring corrosive chemicals, extra care should be taken as the human skin and tissue can get tremendously destroyed if it comes in contact with these chemicals. The transfer should be usually done from small to large containers to avoid spillage. Before transferring the containers should be properly checked for leakage. The containers should be closed properly after dispensing. A non corrosive drum and drum pump should be used to avoid corrosion of metal. Never pipette corrosive liquids by mouth. The original shipping containers should not be pressurized with air. A pipette bulb should be used for transferring these chemicals. Solid corrosives should be transferred using corrosion resistant shovels.

Provide ranking to below mentioned factors related to your experience with Shoe?

Purchase Intention: the results show that most of the customers owns the intention to buy the Shoe due to its acceptable quality and low price respectively.

Findings: Also, many customers have their positive attitude for the Shoe which pits a positive impact over the intention to purchase.

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