Business Perception of Eco Home



Write report has significantly represented the aspects of business perception of Eco Home in order to understand the efficacy of understanding the performance of the business


Executive Summary 

The report has significantly represented the aspects of business perception of Eco Home in order to understand the efficacy of understanding the performance of the business. The overall productivity analysis by determining the internal and environmental factors of the company has been revealed through materializing the ideas significantly. 


In this particular report, the adjustments regarding overall assessment of different understanding of important factors for the business possibility of Eco Homes where determination of efficient business operation of the company has been sustained. Moreover, the report has constituted the overall aspects of industry and its background that has successively ensured proper feasibility regarding the business opportunity of the company. Analysis of different business environment of the company has been successfully entailed through which proper justification regarding the process has been endeavoured. Moreover, the report has also justified the value proposition considering the effectiveness formulating the entire specification addressing important features for understanding the conditions. 

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Part A: Evaluations of the business:

Industry Background

The company Eco Homes has been entailing an integrated business operation within the industry by providing sustainable design to the customers through preparing homes. Australia has been regarded as the country where different inhabitants are gradually increasing due to persisting their job and enhancing the sources of performing business operations. Thus the livelihood are enhancing day by day. Thus people coming from other countries are highly affable in purchasing new home so that they can easily dwell there without giving huge sum of money as rent. It has been observed that the company Eco Homes has gradually enhanced the market share by providing services to the customers by selling the houses (Abuzeinab, 2017). It is quite evident that designing a better home has been undertaken by the company and they have been regarded as the leaders in designing the homes for the respective customers that want to buy the homes. As the industry is gradually increasing its strength and sustaining economical growth, the company has enhanced its specialities to provide home with much more comfortable aspects along with 6 star designs rated with different choice of rainwater collection and also different power resources and also recycling the grey water with higher water efficiency and landscaping. 

Business model and environment (business model type, target audience)

In this particular report, the addressable of the business environment of the company Eco Home has been sustained. Here, the section has comprised of different business model along with the target audience deforming the activities of generating different approaches providing homes to the customers. The business model followed by the company has intruded adaptation along with being with the one with the particular environment. Thus pertaining efficient marketing strategy for selling the products has been ascertained effectively. Apart from this, effective strategic management consequences have been generated by the firm so as to administer the objectives effectively. Different policies are set in order to enhance the customer specification and enhanced portfolio of the customers that want to purchase the home prepared by the company. Personal objectives are strategized in order to make efficient handling of the purchase of home by the company (Kibert, 2016). In order to ensure all this important strategies, it is quite important to identify the basic structure of marketing which encompass target audience. The demographics are selected and proper advertisements are entailed so that the customers can easily identify the products of the company that are supplying within the economy. Promotional activities by designing websites have been entailed. Social media marketing has also been prepared in order to enhance the sales of the company. Important features of print media and also telemedia marketing has been entailed so that the audience can be fetched to buy the homes designed for them. Apart from this, the audience has been targeted that are holding higher position in the different firms and also individuals that are successfully doing business from other country in the country of Australia. They have the affability to increase the assets within this country in order to increase the livelihood and dwelling capabilities. 

Value proposition

The values of the company have been proposed in order to undertake the criteria that are required for the firm. In order to underpin the activities of Eco Homes, it is quite important to reveal the propositional content among the respective customers. Thus the company has facilitated its action through providing specialized home for ensuring comfortable approaches that has highly exceeded the energy and also level of performance as per the architectural consequences and also different aptitudes regarding the building designers on generating much more sustainable system. This will highly influence the customers in accompanying the measurements and has revealed the interception of entailing higher sales and achieve profitability in the long run. Therefore, the consecutive feasibility will be highly improvised with the activities nurturing the implementation n required for the inevitable balance that can be observed among the customers that are highly ensured with the important factors. The valuable designs and also the construction aspects has significantly proposed the civil sectors which in turn the overall criteria has been deliberated with the eventual aspects determining the operations successfully. Minimising the environmental disruption within the industry has also deliberated the facts determining the vision designed upon justified engineering values that have been built by the company in order to attain higher profitability. 

SWOT analysis and discussion

In order to measure the performance of the company, it is quite important to undertake the internal environmental analysis so that the company can easily judge its important performance in order to achieve higher profitability and different variants in business operations in the succeeding years:
For inculcating the SWOT analysis, it is important to understand the strength of the company respectively so as to entail better understanding regarding overall performance made bin the financial year. 
The Strength of the company has been fostered as prevalence of providing higher and sustainable home among the individuals that has deliberated with special feasibilities and also different leverages. The cost and design are less and well defined respectively and thus customers are highly attracted in purchasing the homes from the company significantly. Moreover, the facilities encircling the ecological benefits has been satisfied with the purpose of maintaining proactive role in formulating the aspects of business enhancement in the respective industry of Australia. The aspects in pertaining civil engineering mechanism have been significantly ensured by determining the success in the long run by adapting following perception (Bull, et al., 2016). 
Weakness of the company has been demonstrated as the other companies that offer quite low rated houses that are mostly required by the clients with improper services and facilities. These companies are targeting ground movement where different approaches from the respective brokers have been intensified and low cost houses have been sold to them in the respective market. Thus mere competitive occasions have been engulfed where it can be easily judged that the customers will be replenished by the activities without not justifying the sales by the firm to the clients.  
Opportunities of the firm can be synthesized through determining the progress entailed from achieving higher success in making sales. It has been observed that the overall Australian economy is highly achieving extended growth rate. Thus from the proposition, it is important to underpin the activities of making higher sales for the firm. Therefore, it is important for the firm to administer the basic opportunities to entail basic operations of maintaining the excess sales of the firm. These opportunities have ensured the factors of developing the purpose of the firm in capitalizing the potentialities of the respective customers in purchasing the home within the country (Mascarenhas, 2016). 
Threats has been identified within the organization by identifying the values corresponded with the interventions following the facilities that have ensured proper understanding by revealing the impact sustained through determining the impact of competition in the rising market of Australia. It has been focussed that the opportunities will be indentified through capitalizing the overall impact sustained through judging the significance that has deliberated with the activities presented from the overall justification.

Part B: Information Portal design:

Design review and justification (see design guide)

The design has been enabled to showcase the primary observation regarding the product details of the company so that the customers are highly engaged with the intervention of focussing upon respective sales in order to achieve and attract customers and profitability. 
Page designs (x3), including discussion on additional customer engagement techniques


Thus it can be concluded that the significant operation will be deemed to pertain efficient selling mechanism to the respective customers that are highly affable to make proper purchase of the products regarding the company. 

Reference List 

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