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Restructuring Human Resource Department

The company that has been selected for the assessment is the one in which the author have few months of internship experience. The paper is concerned with the assessment of the various aspects of the human resource department. The purpose is to restructure the human resource department based on the findings of this report. The effectiveness of the human resource function will be reviewed and assessed throughout this section. The selected company has 150 employees that are handled and managed by the human resource department.

1. 1.1 Purpose and Functions of HRM

The purpose of the HRM is to ensure that the right candidate is hired to the company, employees are well compensated and design of the work is such that none of the employee get overworked and stressed (Need, 2006). The human resource managers conduct assessment of the expected employee requirement within the organization in the days to come and based on that, they prepare the recruitment and selection drive. The recruitment and selection is followed by the training of the employees concerning particular division. During the training of the employees, line managers accompany to impart practical knowledge about the work aspects. Moreover, the classroom training is followed by on the job training.The HRD also takes care of the appraisal of the employees periodically. The appraisals are followed by training or firing.

1.1.2 Appropriate Talent and Skills from HRM

The human resource management helps in identifying the talent gap within the organization and then employing right recruitment methods to bring in the appropriate talent and skills. The HRD helps in keeping track of the rate of attrition within the company and employs right environmental factors to retain those who are talented and can add to the organization. Apart from this, it also helps in aligning the workforce according to the business objectives. The goals and objectives of the organisation is the key driver behind the type of the candidate hired within the organization (Meyer and Smith, 2000). If the one of the objectives of the business is to grow in the field of technology, then it is the responsibility of the HRM to hire right candidate from that field of interest.

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1.1.3 Approaches to Recruitment and Selection

There are multitude of approaches to the recruitment and selection. The approaches widely used within this company are employee referral and advertisements in the weekly employment newspapers. The employee referral within the organization has been the appreciably successful method to bring in the candidates who are already aware of the organizational culture. The employee referral has been the reliable source as the existing employees are aware of what type of individual can sustain in this organizational climate and thus refer only such employees (Deshpande and Golhar, 1994). This makes the job of the HRD easier. The employment newspapers have been the reliable source for most of the employment seeking candidate and therefore the company gives advertisements. The responses have been mild but still good number of candidate pay visit to the company.

1.1.4 Strengths and Weaknesses of Approaches

The employee referral is the most preferred method for the selection of the candidate even in the large sized organizations. The reason behind such preference is the ability of this method to provide quality candidate to the company. In most cases it happens that the employee who is referring a candidate unknowingly sends one similar to the referrer. This reduces the effort of the human resource department in looking at the cultural fitment of the candidate and only major skills become the point of assessment (Fernandez and Casilla, 2001). Employee referral method has some weakness. There is the risk that same type of individuals might crowd within the organization thus reducing the freshness and increasing the group formations. The advertisement in the employment newspapers has now gone out of date and limited number of potential employees refers the employment newspapers. Thus company miss potential candidate.

1.1.5 Strengths and Weaknesses of Approaches (Example)

There are other approaches to the recruitment and selection that are most suitable such as online advertisements. The inclination towards online advertisement and online recruitment has increased to a greater extent and the most of the small and big companies are using this method for the recruitment. The major benefit in this method is the cost effectiveness and faster connection with the candidates to be hired. The challenge faced is in sorting the huge amount of applications. Apart from this, the method is the fastest method available to reach the candidate in the lowest possible cost. There are online portals that provide listing of jobs from the various countries such as LinkedIn and others. The candidates interested in the particular job apply by submitting the resume. The individuals from HRD on the other end receive the resume and verifies for the job fitment.

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1.2.1 Benefits of Different HRM Practices

The different HR practices within the organization benefits both the employer and employee. The major HR practices are recruitment and selection, work-life balance assessment of the employees, training and development, and compensation. These practices within the organization ensure that the need of both the parties, whether it is employer or the employee, is successfully met. The employer needs right candidate for the particular job and the employee require right environment to work. The human resource management can take care of both of this aspect by diligently following through the practices.

1.2.2 Different Methods used in HRM Practices

The different methods used in the current organization are in all the five aspects mentioned earlier. The recruitment and selection utilizes employee referral and the online method of employee recruitment has been suggested. The periodic survey of the employees ensures finding out that whether the employees are happy with the work and their work-life balance is good (Iles et al, 1990).Moreover, the method used in the training and development is the on the job training and the classroom training. The compensation provided by the employee are different based on the profile they are handling. There some divisions such as sales where the employees enjoy incentives based on their everyday performance.

1.2.3 Effectiveness of Different HRM Practices

The various HRM practices being utilized within the organization help in raising the organizational profit and productivity. The recruitment of the qualified and hard-working individuals ensures that the company gets the right candidate. Moreover, their periodic training and assessment ensures their constant growth towards their designated activity. The provisions for incentives ensure that the employees stay motivated towards achieving their individual objectives that in turn adds up to fulfil the overall organizational goals and objectives. The companies such as Apple and Google provide periodic training to their employees to ensure that they remain productive throughout. Moreover, they provide various opportunities for recreation for their employees to keep them rejuvenated during the working hours. These have been effective which is evident from the constant growth of these giant technological companies.

1.2.4 HRM Practices and Application

The companies such as Amazon has do not apply out of the box HR practices but the effort to make the everyday working right have paid off very well. The company uses free concerts and meet and greet with the well-known people from the industry keeps the employees interested in working with the company. Moreover, the company also allows on-campus farmer’s market that provides elements of interest for the employees. Such efforts towards making the environment friendly and conducive for the employees help increase the productivity. In the organization under discussion, the use of employee compensation was not appropriate. The reason was that the individuals from other department were concerned that why they are not paid incentives if they are working as hard as the one employed in the sales department.

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1.3.1 Employee Relations and Approaches

The employee relationship within an organization is an important aspect in improving the productivity and profit of the organization in the longer run. The improved relationship with the employees and the relationship among the employees increase the work effectiveness and engagement. There are various elements that are considered to increase the employee relations and some of them are pay and benefits, supporting work-life balance, and safe working conditions (Matlay, 1999). The employee relations ensure that the employees have appropriate environment to work and perform.Most of the organization has set up grievances, conflicts, problem resolution divisions that take care of any issues employees are facing in performing their duty.

1.3.2 Importance of Employee Relations in HR Decision-Making

The human resource department consider employee relations as the important wing for the overall growth of the organization.Therefore, the decisions made by the human resource department orient towards making the organizational environment friendlier for the employees. The presence of equitable, honest and respectful work environment is desired all the employees who work within the company and therefore it become necessary for the inclusion in the any human resource related decisions. The HR department assists the employees and their supervisors in resolving conflict.

1.3.3 Employment Legislation and Impact on HRM Decision-Making

The employment legislation has been considered as the important pillar in providing more support to the employees who are working within the organizations. The employment legislation has provisions that allow the employees to enjoy right number of holidays, minimum wage, health benefits, retirement benefits, and others. The employment legislation has greatly impacted the decisions that have been made the company and are likely to be made in the days to come. It is always ensured that any decisions regarding the human resource management is not violating any of the provisions made in the employment legislation (Machin and Manning, 1994).

1.3.4 Employee Relations Management and Employment Legislation and Impact on HRM

The decisions made by the human resource department are subject to agreement with the employment legislation and improvement of the employee relations. The human resource department is well known for formulating famous or infamous rules and regulations within the company. However, due to the consideration of the employment legislation, it is necessary that the management prudently consider the rules and regulations that do not violate any provision. It has been identified that in the run to make the environment and the other aspects conducive for the employees, the HR department goes too far and miss the actual goals and objectives of the organization. This should be kept in consideration while making such decision.

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Restructuring Suggestion

Based on the assessment of the chosen organization, it can be stated that there are some aspects that need improvement such as the method of recruitment, provision for compensation, and increasing the working environment of the company while keeping the goals and objectives of the company in consideration. The implementation of these aspects is likely to ensure that the company attracts more talent in the days to come with the right set of skills which can further aid in the achievement of the organizational goals and objectives.

Scenario 2: Recruitment and Selection Process

This section is concerned with designing a specific job description for the role receptionist. The organization chosen is the one in which the author did the internship for few months.It has been posted for online for everyone to see and employee referral has been sought too. The Portfolio for all the four aspects have been given in each of the individual pages ahead:


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