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Allassignmenthelp.com is the trusted provider of knowledge content to the consumers globally. Since 2013, Allassignmenthelp.com has built a team of best trained UK, American and Australian experts to deliver editing, proofreading, and writing services. Our customer support has been tremendous. Allassignmenthelp.com is a global leader serving consumers based in more than 20 countries. Our Staff of 2200+ people distributed over different nations helped us achieve our goals.


We are 100% International based in Australia, United States and the United Kingdom and do not outsource our writing staff overseas.

Back in 2013, we started with a small scale company assisting local students in America with their academic assessments. Today, we are the liger of university services; making our home in Sydney, London, and California, providing the best solutions and turning students market-ready for jobs.

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Jan 2013

Academic Writing Services Idea was hatched in a student dorm at American University by two qualified techies.

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August 2013

Allassignmenthelp domain name purchased for $3.99 and Website development goes to initiation phase.

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December 2013

Allassignmenthelp goes from development phase to live with first blog article and 10 content pages.

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January 2014

Allassignmenthelp received its first order @ $96 from America.

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August 2014

Allassignmenthelp officially started with its first international office in the US and Australia.

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March 2015

Allassignmenthelp reaches 5000 customers and 500 Native experts from the UK, Australia and the US.

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December 2016

Allassignmenthelp reached 20000 customers and 1500 Native experts from the UK, Australia and the US.

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July 2017

Our Support staff grows to 2200 in total counting our international locations.

Eliminating Students Debt

We have invested in our resources for better consumer experience. However, we provide opportunities to many international students to showcase their skills in several areas. It can be software development, Sales, and Marketing or Support. Many of these students could not find a job, but our company helped them to generate consistent income and pay off their debts.

Public Relation Department - Melbourne, Australia


AllAssignmentHelp Mission Statement

We shall be a trusted academic and knowledge content that meets our consumers need. We accomplish this by engaging with our customers, creating the best-customized solutions. A customer is our top priority.

AllAssignmentHelp Vision Statement

The vision of our company is not just limited to assist the students, but AllAssignmentHelp.com strives to become the leading knowledge-based company among consumers. Our staff invests time and resources in providing high-quality content and unparalleled customer service.

Company Values



We work with a client-centric approach, and it is the reason we have clients in more than 20 countries globally. Our intangible products have helped our clients reach the pinnacle in their space.



We work with a client-centric approach and it is the reason we have clients in more than 20 countries globally. Our intangible products have helped our clients reach the pinnacle in their space



What we deliver is through our teamwork. There are some challenges in every process that we address with the help of efficient and effective collaboration. We ensure that our doors are opened only to the right ones.



Being unprofessional is easy, but maintaining the right decorum takes a lot of positive experience. Professionalism and respectful helps us with the recurring clients, and that's what makes us successful.

Social Mission

Allassignmenthelp.com has been working towards a social cause since the inception of the company. Allassignmenthelp.com was created to help Americans and Australians get into writing and skills-based jobs. We have been supporting Australia and America through our concept of knowledge-based content. Our Experts earn more than other companies, and we promote our experts to deliver like entrepreneurs, not just a part-time contractor. Our experts are doing great in their personal space and published books and research papers. We are providing a platform to them for a global reach.

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