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Employment law is synonymous with Labor law. It is the law that mediates the relationship between employee, employer, government and the trade unions. There is also an individual employment law that is concerned with the rights of employees as per the contract. This law dictates when an employer can recruit employees and when the employee can do his/her job. The law dictates the employer to must pay for the employee can work. They create the necessary requirements for creating sustainable working conditions for employees. When an employer wants to recruit someone, there's a lot they need to know. There is a specific minimum wages laws that is required and bound the employer to pay a specific amount. There are laws which prohibit the owner from discriminating against employees based on particular characteristics. Employment law also have it importance in the stream of commercial law., as it is directly/indirectly related to business and commercial work atmosphere. Employers must give a safe working environment. In particular cases, they must provide the options for health insurance. Employers should collect and submit payroll taxes deducted from the monthly salary on behalf of the employee according to taxation laws. With so many regulations in US such as minimum wage laws, overtime pays, medical and family leave, collective bargaining and safe working condition must be imposed to maintain working conditions.

Employment Law came into picture to bring a balance to the society in terms of minimum wage payment, stopping child labor, Health and safety measures that companies has to adopt, action against discrimination and Dismissal and maintain Civil law . Furthermore, Living wages and number of working hours are established on the basis of Employment law.

As we know law varies with the country so is the case of employment law. Every country has its own rules and regulations for the industry. For example, there is a fundamental of minimum wages in most of the western countries, however there is no such parameter in countries like India and many others in Asia. It is where Employment law comes handy to determine the situation of an employee or someone belonging to the labor class.

Employees rely on the lawyers practicing employment laws to assist them when employers don't comply/follow the employment laws. For an instance, when an employee is required to enforce mandatory overtime or a claim for age discrimination, they can turn to an employment lawyer. That's why you can find several unions working in the interest of the labor.

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