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The Financial Accounting Theory examines various theories that are used in understanding the role of financial accounting for decision-making purposes. Moreover, it also explains why and how authorities take a decision concerning accounting methods and disclosure of financial information in the absence of complete regulation. The emphasis of financial accounting theory is on current theories concerned with financial reporting regulations and financial accounting practices.

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Financial Accounting theory covers many sub-areas of finance. Few of the areas where we provide help with college assignment online are:

  1. Financial Economics: Financial economics doesn't fall under the area of finance; however, it relates to the financial variables, such as, interest rate, prices, etc. Financial economics is concerned with the influence of real economic variables on the financial ones.
  2. Financial Mathematics: This is the area of applied mathematics that finds its application in the area of financial markets. The subject has a close relationship with the discipline of financial economics, which is concerned with much of the underlying theory. Financial Mathematics is a challenging area and primarily focuses on the modelling of derivatives.
  3. Experimental Finance: Experimental finance homework aims to make the student understand the different market settings and environments to observe experimentally and provide a lens through which science can analyze agents' behaviour. Researchers in experimental finance can study to what extent existing financial economics theory makes valid predictions, and attempt to discover new principles on which such theory can be extended. Research may proceed by conducting trading simulations or by establishing and studying the behaviour of people in artificial competitive market-like settings.

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Below is a sample assignment solution on financial accounting theory. The assignment is based on report writing to Advisory service manager. Our online finance and accounting expert write the similar assignments with ease. Below is the problem statement of the assignment.

You are currently undertaking a student placement at ‘Water Partners’, a top-tier accounting firm, in their Advisory Services area. The Advisory Services area of Water Partners provides services to a diverse range of clients from all sectors of industry. One of Water Partners’ clients has requested a report on a specific ‘Topic of Investigation’. As part of this task, you are advised to meet with an expert in this topic to discuss your approach and ask for advice (a list of experts will be provided with your topic). You are to write this report and submit to the Advisory Services Manager, who will send it directly to the client. The report should be of an appropriate professional standard to send to the client.
Executive Summary
This is an individual report furnished the information on the topic of accountable relationship between the stakeholders and government and non-government agency, here in this report we are furnishing the information to the valuable consumers in form of investigating report. This report is prepared on the half of the leading accounting firm, here in this report we are highlighting the term stakeholders and its relation and connection with the other government and non-government bodies. The term accountability reflects the transparency and clarity of responsibilities. Here in this project report we are summaries the importance and reason for the accountabilities between the various stakeholders and government and non-government agencies. 
Meaning of term stakeholders  
The stakeholders are the groups of individual interest parties, such as investors, lenders, creditors, suppliers, employees, financial institutes, the regulators, new and print media etc., these people and groups of peoples engaged with the corporation either directly or indirectly, due to their financial and non-financial objectives. 
Accountable Practices 
The Article prepared by Dennis Taylor states about the importance of downward and upward accountabilities, in the key government and non-government agency, states the event of 2009 black Saturday, bushfires disaster, the article highlight the real life situation and importance of downward accountability, the article questions whether the concept of ‘downward accountability’ loses meaning when applied to the published special-purpose disaster recovery reports of the organizations leading the recovery effort ,  the article states the drawback and negative points, how fare the lack of accountability will influence the personal and professional interest, along with the interest of beneficially parties. the lack of accountability with downward parties create a gap for the scammers and cheaters to mutualised the public assets and property.   
Reporting Requirement in Australia
The Australian entities and other body corporate operating in Australia are required to report the financial performance report to following Authority, these reporting requirement are mandatory for all body corporates. 
  • Australian tax Authority 
  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and/or the Australian Securities Exchange
  • Other entities specified under Corporation Act 2001. 
Various Accounting theories which motivate the corporation to be accountable with stakeholders. 
List of accounting theories are 
  1. Legitimate theory 
  2. Stakeholders theory 
  3. Institutional theory
Initially, the corporation are primary responsible to make a profit and to create a wealth for various stakeholders, however with the passage of time and with creation of awareness, various accounting theories had required the reporting entities to furnish the information and corporate initial for the society, environment, nation and other external interested groups. 
Various theories invites the reporting entities to show their concern about the respected groups, such as political theory states that what a corporate did for the society and how they are engaged with social and economic developments.  

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