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Tort Law Assignment help Service

A tort is the civil wrongs that cause harm or make someone suffer. The result of such an action is legal liability for the person who commits the tortious act, called a tortfeasor. There is no certain cause of harm. It can be intentional or due to negligence. The victim can file a lawsuit in order to recover the damages. Moreover, the harm should be recognizable legally and should be covered under tort law. This is just the basic definition of Tort. Tort law is quite a difficult area as one has to think practically and apply logic to different cases. AllAssignmentHelp.com has the best team to handle such tort law assignments. For instance, let's suppose you go to some store, you slip on a banana. You automatically became a plaintiff or in easy words, the injured party. The manager, operator of the grocery store is considered as a defendant or tortfeasor, the negligent party.

Normally said, you will probably take certain civil action against the owner of the grocery store to compensate for suffering, pain, expenses and medical bill as the result of the fall. Negligence is just one category of tort. There are three categories of torts. Irrespective of the tort action, these three elements must be present in a tort law case.

  • Defendant, tortfeasor which have a duty to behave or act in a particular way.
  • Plaintiff which proves that behavior displayed by the tortfeasor can not validate the duty which is owed to the plaintiff.
  • An injury suffered by the plaintiff or loss as the result of wrong.

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Types of tort laws in which we provide assignment help to the students

Legal injuries defined in the tort law are not just limited to physical harm. Any form of mental harm, reputation loss or emotional damage is also considered as the tortuous act. Furthermore, privacy violations, constitutional rights violations are also a part of tortuous acts. Torts comprise such varied topics as auto accidents, false imprisonment, defamation, product liability, copyright infringement, and environmental pollution (toxic torts). You can take assistance with all kinds of tort law case studies and papers. Our team is willing to provide the clock assignment writing support. Let's explore three types of torts.

  • Intentional torts: An intentional crime committed against one person with an ulterior motive of causing harm. There is a number of intentional harm that falls into this category such as the battery, assault, conversion, false imprisonment, fraud, and invasion of privacy. The court looks at the conduct of tortfeasor/defendant to identify if the action taken were intentional or unintentional in the heat of the moment.
  • Negligence tort: Negligence occurs when a party does not succeed or display the kind of care a prudent person will take in any situation or action. If a defendant owns a duty of reasonable care and failed to provide it. His inactions to perform in a legal binding contract also fall under the negligence tort.
  • Strict Liability torts: This law may sometimes levy a huge penalty even if damages occurred at no one's intentional fault. The basic principle normally lies in the source activities and inherent harm which some activity can inflict on the plaintiff. The law makes up for huge compensation for damages.

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Learn the basic difference between Tort Law and Criminal Law with our assignment help

There are two differences between Tort law and criminal law.

  • A tort can be intentional or due to negligence, however, criminal law is always intentional that is characterized by criminal actions.
  • Tort lawsuits have a lower burden of proof. Sometimes a plaintiff may prevail in a tort case even if the person who caused the harm was acquitted in an earlier criminal trial.

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