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Pestle Analysis Examples

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In a PESTLE analysis, the major external elements (Political, Economic, Sociological, Technological, Legal, and Environmental) that affect an organization are evaluated. It can be applied in a variety of situations and help senior managers and people professionals make strategic decisions. In this post of All Assignment Help, we will share with you some of the key Pestle analysis examples to help you know about pestle analysis in a more effective way. You can use our pestle analysis examples and get good grades in your marketing assignment at the university.

The companies we have covered in this blog are given below. You can click the link directly to go to the relevant section.

Table of Content:

1. Uber

2. Nike

3. Coca-Cola

4. Adidas

5. Apple

1. Pestle Analysis Examples: Uber

In this section, we will share with you the first of the five pestle analysis examples.

Uber is a rapidly growing taxi service provider in the world. People like its features such as easy accessibility with the app and taxi sharing. However, there are controversies such as minimum wage complications and banning that are not helping its cause.

And now let us find out more about this company through a Pestle Analysis example. The infographic below will give you a brief on what we have discussed ahead:

Political Factor: Endless Controversies

As mentioned above, this company has many controversies to do away with. And one of the things that have put Uber in trouble is that it has not made its regulations clear. For example, people have questions about its insurance policy. Some of the questions that are in the mind of the users are if there is an accident, then the company will

  • hold the driver accountable or,
  • the company will take the blame for itself.

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Economic Factor: Sharing Economy

In this section of our sample pestle analysis of Uber, we will take a look at its economic factors.

  • The company operates in a sharing economy. In other words, sharing of physical and intellectual resources takes place in the economy in which Uber operates.
  • Customers can easily connect with the driver through the app. Drivers can take them to their desired location. Customers find Uber cheaper than taxis.
  • Uber has seen fast growth since its inception. However, some countries see unfair competition against regular taxis. It resulted in a ban and restriction of its services.
  • Other companies are also under the scanner of the authorities for the same reason. But, Uber has been the focal point of this controversy as it is a leading taxi service provider.
  • People are also looking towards Uber to get new job opportunities. They are struggling to decide whether it is taking their job away or bringing new opportunities.
  • One thing that favors Uber is its popularity. The taxi market is full of opportunities. Uber needs to keep doing its best.

Social Factor: Easy availability

  • Uber taxi services are user-friendly and accessible.
  • To book an Uber ride, all you need to do is order through a mobile app. In a few minutes, you will get the confirmation of your ride.
  • People show gratitude to Uber for an affordable ride. It increased the fare charges with its popularity. But, people still prefer it due to its accessibility.

Technological Factor: WildFire

  • Uber has reaped many benefits through the technology directly and indirectly.
  • People post positive views on various social media platforms. It has helped the company to grow fast. Next, its app is much helpful for users.
  • Users can book their cabs from anywhere. App also gives information like estimated ride charges, drop-off location, traffic, and weather. Users can pay their charges through the app.

Legal Factors: Bannings

Above we discussed how Uber has faced bans in many countries for different reasons. Hence, the company needs to follow technical usage laws, labor and employee safety laws, and copyright laws as well. However, you can know more about legal factors associated with uber under the guidance of an experienced assignment writing service provider.

Environmental Factors: Questionable responses

  • The impact of Uber on the environment is not certain. Few say that fuel usage and traffic congestion is increasing.
  • Studies say the same when it comes to traffic congestion. It is because people may use Uber instead of public transport. Analysts are yet to confirm such blame.


In conclusion, Uber is the fastest-growing taxi service, provider. Its affordable charges and ease of use have helped it in becoming popular. Some controversies are also hindering its progress.

But, the company must carry on its service throughout the world. Of course! They need to keep a check on the controversies as well.

2. Pestle Analysis Examples: Nike

In this section, we will share the second of the five pestle analysis examples.

Nike Corporation is a US-based international company. It deals in the design, development, and selling of footwear, clothing, and other services.

Nike is the top brand when it comes to producing sports shows and sports apparel. It earned US$30.601 billion in 2015. It made it the most valuable brand in the sports business.

Let us do a pestle analysis example of Nike to know where it stands. The infographic below will give you a brief on what we have discussed ahead:

Political Factor: Must Consider Taxation

  • The political environment has a huge impact on Nike as it is globally present. Hence, the company must consider the taxation and manufacturing rules of a country.
  • Nike needs to keep an eye on the import and export laws of a country. It affects its product distribution worldwide.

Economic Factor: Must Have Good Purchasing Power

Nike needs to focus on the conditions of the economies where it offers its products.

  • It can target economies such as US, UK, and others. All these countries have a stable economies. Nike can find customers with good purchasing power there.
  • Fast-growing nations are also an opportunity for Nike.

Social Factor: Needs to Refine Their Production Practices

  • Nowadays, people are conscious about their health. They are increasingly playing sports to stay fit. Nike plays an active role.
  • It regularly comes up with high-quality sports shoes and apparel. It molds its products as per the customers’ needs to get positive results.

Technological Factor: Excellent Use of Social Media

  • Nike gives importance to technology. It also needs to keep an eye on the technology it manufactures. It will help the company in competing well in the market.
  • R&D investment is the external technological factor that affects Nike. The constant changes the technology is an opportunity, and a threat as well.

Legal Factor: Affect Large Business Globally

  • Nike should keep an eye on the copyright of designs of shoes and apparel it manufactures.
  • It also has to make sure it is not involved in child labor or breaking employment rules.
  • Health and safety rules are also important for Nike to follow to maintain its global reach.

Environmental Factor: Products are Not Environmental Friendly

  • At present, the environment is the prime concern globally.
  • Nike is a leading brand. The company needs to come up with environment-friendly products. It will help them gain brand value.
  • Also, it will increase sustainability for the company.

3. Pestle Analysis Examples: Coca Cola

In this section, we will share the third of the five pestle analysis examples.

 Cola Cola is a famous soft drink producer. It offers different products to its large number of customers worldwide. It uses the finest technology in production. Its products meet customers’ expectations. It is a renowned soft drink production company in the world. If you are assigned with writing a case study on coca cola, you can always go for assignment help for thorough research and content. This will help you impress your professor.

Let us take a look at the pestle analysis example of Coca-Cola. The infographic below will give you a brief on what we have discussed ahead:

Political Factor: Must Follow FDA Rules

  • Coca Cola products are tested by FDA. It should follow the rules of a country. It should also provide the local stores with the best beverages.
  • Countries may prevent it from distributing its products if all rules are not followed well.
  • Rules can be related to accounting, internal marketing, labor, or taxes.

Economic Factor: Focus on Healthy Drinks

  • Coca Cola has a huge customer base around the world. The company produces its products in various countries.
  • It keeps its customers’ tastes and preferences in mind. Most of its revenue comes from beverage sales.
  • Recently, people have started giving preference to healthy drinks. Coca Cola has realized it. It is moving in that direction.

Social Factor: Social Pressure in Middle Eastern Countries

  • Urban areas are the major market for this company.
  • Coca Cola has introduced more than 30 alternative flavors in Japan. It has done the same in China.
  • It is more focused on offering healthy products when it comes to the US. Coca Cola water and teas are some of the products that come under this category.
  • Coca Cola can take the same approach in the countries such as Japan and China.

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Technological Factor: Boon in Social Media

  • Coca Cola can be very effective with the use of new technologies.
  • It will help it in manufacturing a large number of quality products.
  • Coca Cola has a technological setup in Britain. It ensures customers get the finest products in a short time.
  • Coca Cola has also used social media to increase its popularity. Its promotion campaigns have been a hit on various social media platforms.

Legal Factor: Retains all Rights

  • The company has done well in securing all the rights of its business. It has the rights to all the past and future products that it develops with a patented process.

Environmental Factor: Biggest Consumer of Fresh Water

  • Water accessibility is essential for Coca Cola to manufacture its products. If they don’t have water accessibility, then they can’t operate.
  • It needs to ensure that water processing is environment-friendly.


In conclusion, Coca Cola is a well-known brand around the world. It is famous for its soft drinks. However, it also needs to cover the customers that are keener on consuming healthy drinks.

4. Pestle Analysis Examples: Adidas

In this section, we will share a fourth of the five pestle analysis examples.

Adidas is in sports shoes and apparel. It is a Germany-based firm. It got its name inspired by its founder Adolf Hassler. The company is still running well and tackling all the economic challenges of various economies.

Let us take a look at the pestle analysis example of Adidas to know the external factors that affect it. The infographic below will give you a brief on what we have discussed ahead:

Political Factor: Many Systems

  • Adidas is a company that has faced many risks and civil unrest. It dealt with huge changes in political policies.
  • It has been in focus on various political factors. Some are war, terrorism, expropriation, and nationalization. All these factors cost money and time. It mostly delayed product delivery.
  • The tax system is another factor that keeps changing based on the party. 
  • Political factors are sometimes hard to understand. An assignment helper USA will prove fruitful in grasping the political factors of Adidas.

Economic Factor: Credibility Problems

  • Till 2005, this company faced many economic failures. Economic factors such as inflation, per-capita income, unemployment, and taxation affected its profits.
  • Instability in the stock market also affected its growth rate.
  • These factors also affect the purchasing power of the customers. It resulted in a decrease in the revenue of Adidas.

Social Factor: Consumer Awareness of Health

  • Adidas shoes and apparel designs meet the latest trends and are distinctive. People of all ages, cultures, and religions use it.
  • The company mostly attracts customers who are sporty and athletic. Social factors affect the purchasing habits of a person.
  • The thing that Adidas needs to focus on is the Islamic countries. It needs to make strategies to promote its products keeping the Islamic culture in mind.

Technological Factor: Smart Possibilities for Sportswear

  • Using technology in an ideal way is the key to success.
  • Adidas uses its own technology which makes it different from competitors. It helps the company stay one step ahead in manufacturing the products.
  • Adidas uses its online website to sell its products around the world. It is also a fine use of technology.

Environmental Factor: Less Influence on the Environment

  • Adidas claims that none of its factories and manufacturing units produces any restricted products.
  • It keeps control of the volatile and different organic compounds emissions. Adidas focuses on producing sustainable products. It helps them in increasing product quality and brand image

Legal Factor: Patents and More Patents

  • Adidas has a high reputation. It has a global reach and enjoys customers’ trust from around the world.
  • The company needs to make sure it does not get into legal trouble in any country. Also, it can directly impact their brand value.


In conclusion, Adidas is a famous brand and it is also doing well at the moment in all aspects of marketing. It needs to set higher objectives. It will help the company in moving forward.

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5. Pestle Analysis Examples: Apple

In this section, we will share a fifth of the five pestle analysis examples.

Apple is a renowned brand in the world. Its smartphones, PCs, tablets, Music players, and TVs are very popular. Although it is an expensive brand, people still go for it as it adds luxury to their lifestyle.

Let us take a look at the pestle analysis example of Apple. The infographic below will give you a brief on what we have discussed ahead:

Political Factor: Improving Free Trade Policies

  • Apple manufactures its products in China because of the lower cost of manufacturing charges. Hence, any political rift between the US and China may affect its operations. But, finding an alternative is not easy as it is expensive.
  • You can also not deny that the company is in the dominant position. It is able enough to deal with some political pressure.

Economic Factor: Rapid Growth of Developing Countries

  • Apple has to keep in mind that its manufacturing cost will increase if China increases labor costs.
  • A decline in middle-class income may also decrease Apple’s market. If the US dollar witnesses highs, then exchange rates will increase.
  • So, it may help Apple to earn good profits in China and Europe. However, you can also take help from an expert or pay someone to do an assignment on the economic factors of apple.

Social Factor: Rising Use of Mobile Access

  • Although Apple is popular around the world, it still has not tasted success in areas like Africa. In the US, low-income people are against it as it is expensive. So, the appeal Apple is not much in China due to ethical concerns.
  • Apple needs to make people aware of its features.

Technological Factor: Growing Cloud Computing Demand

  • Google and Samsung have copied some of the features of Apple products and services. Some of the apps and services are also in the market which shows that Apple is no different.
  • So, increasing the use of smartphones and tablets may also decrease the demand for Apple products. In the high-tech surrounding, an Apple device may seem less secure. So, Apple needs to consider all these aspects when it comes to technology.

Legal Factor: Increasing Privacy Regulations

  • Recently, Apple has started a highly regulated service through Apple Pay.
  • Apple may have to face some regulations as a result. The government may also increase oversight of it.
  • According to some of the reports, Apple may start automobile manufacturing. It may increase insurance, regulatory costs, and legal proceedings for Apple.

Environmental Factor: Energy Efficiency Trend

  • The disposal of nonworking electronic devices is the biggest environmental issue for Apple. Disposal of lithium batteries costs high.
  • China is much concerned about the environment and pollution. China has announced that it will limit the use of fossil fuels and greenhouse. It will increase the electricity cost. So, the manufacturing costs will increase for Apple as a result.

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In conclusion, it is a must for Apple to look into all the matters that we discussed in the pestle analysis of it. But, this company is strong enough to keep doing well despite this challenge.

Final Words

So, that sums up this article in which we looked at the pestle analysis of five different companies. We hope all these sample pestle analyses were informative for you. Furthermore, if you need help with your business, you can always seek our business management assignment help as well. 


Q: What Benefits Can be obtained from a PESTEL Analysis?
A: i) It may offer early notice of potential dangers and possibilities.
ii) Organizations can learn about external trends with the use of analysis.
iii) It urges companies to take into account their operating environment.
Q: How is PESTEL Analysis associated with marketing strategy planning?
A: A PESTLE analysis is a useful method for creating marketing strategies. This is so because marketing requires interaction with a world outside of your company. It can assist you in determining your target markets, the most effective marketing avenues, the ideal message timing, and conversion objectives.
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