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Financial Services Online Essay Help

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What is the role of banks in financial activities

A business entity or corporation whose earnings exceed its expenditure can do lending or can invest in different fields to generate more income. The other scenario is when entity expenditure surpasses the income. In this particular case can raise an entity can raise capital by borrowing or selling equity claims, cutting down on expenses, or increasing its profit margins by increasing the income.

A financial intermediary such as a bank buys bonds or notes in the bond market. The lender tap on the interest and the borrower pays an interest higher than what lender receives, and the financial intermediary, a bank, in this case, earns the difference for arranging the loan and this is termed as the spread.

A bank is responsible for aggregating the activities of many lenders and lenders. A bank accepts deposits and pays interest to the lender. The bank then trickles down these deposits to borrowers at some higher rate of interest. Finance is used by governments, we call it public finance, by individuals, we call it personal finance, by corporates, we call it corporate finance. The goals of each of the activities mentioned above are achieved through the use of different and apt financial instruments and methodologies.

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Different categories of Financial services online assignment help and their applications in the real world

Financial activities are one of the most important aspects of business finance and deal with the decision making related to the acquisition and use of funds for the business entity. In the case of corporate finance, a company's capital structure uses the mix of financial instruments to raise funds.

For fundraising one of the methods is debt financing, which includes loans from banks and bond sales. Another method is equity financing - this involves the selling of share to the investors by the company. Stock possession gives ownership to the investor in the company in proportion to the number of shares owned by the investor. The company receives cash in return for the stock and can use it to expand its business or can repay its debt. Investors, in both bonds and stock, may be institutional investors - financial institutions such as investment banks and pension funds - or private individuals, called private investors or retail investors.

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