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Statistics is the study of the collection, organization, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data. It deals with all aspects of this, including the planning of data collection in terms of the design of surveys and experiments. The word statistics, when referring to the scientific discipline, is singular, as in Statistics is an art.

Alternative definition that given on Wikipedia is "Statistics is alternately described as a mathematical body of science that pertains to the collection, analysis, interpretation or explanation, and presentation of data, or as a branch of mathematics concerned with collecting and interpreting data. Because of its empirical roots and its focus on applications, statistics is typically considered a distinct mathematical science rather than as a branch of mathematics. Some tasks a statistician may involve are less mathematical; for example, ensuring that data collection is undertaken, in a way, that produces valid conclusions, coding data, or reporting results in ways comprehensible to those who must use them."

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Allassignmenthelp provider in the Australian region. Our team of experts has been helping students from various universities like Bond University, Sydney Business School, Melbourne University and many more. Other major regions that are covered by us are Queensland, Perth, Hobart, Brisbane and Adelaide. We provide affordable statistics assignment help despite the lack of availability of the skilled statistics experts. We have a collection statistics papers and samples from the aforementioned Australian universities and students can take advantage in their statistics class be taking help from the experts. Our experts provide help with the below-given tests and procedures in statistics:

  1. Mann-Whitney U test: There are multiple names that are given to Mann-Whitney U test. Few of the known names are Wilcoxon rank-sum test, MWW tests, etc. Aforementioned is a non-parametric test of the null hypothesis that two populations are the same against an alternative hypothesis especially that a particular population tends to have larger values than other. It is a difficult method to understand, and most of the university students suffer to solve the statistics problems based on Mann test. The reason for the difficulty is the intensive mathematics and calculus in particular. There are few assumptions that are made under Mann- Whitney test in which observations for both groups are considered independent.
  2. Regression analysis in statistics: This is the process by which experts estimates the relationship between variables. The main purpose of regression is to establish a relationship between one or more independent variables. To understand regression analysis in native term follows the definition given by our experts. Regression analysis helps one understand how the value of the dependent variable changes with the variation in the independent variable. For more detail concepts of Regression analysis, you can see free statistics sample gave on our website or you can request area specifically free statistics sample from our chat representative.
  3. Help with Analysis of variance (ANOVA): This is a statistical method that is used to differentiate between group means and the procedure associated with them. ANOVA is useful in testing three or more means for statistical significance.
  4. Spearman's rank correlation coefficient: This is named after Charles Spearman and also known as spearman's rho. It is used to estimate the statistical dependence between two variables. This technique employs a monotonous function to establish a relationship between the two variables.
  5. Chi-squared test: This is the popular test, and most of the people have heard about this. The reason for the popularity of the chi-square test is the extensive use in the other fields as well. Here is a test in which sampling distribution of the test statistics is chi-squared distribution when the null hypothesis is true. For any help related to statistics assignment you can use our free statistics assignment service where our experts answer your questions within 24 hours.
  6. Mean square weighted deviation (MSWD): This method is used in geochronology(Science that is used to determine the age of rocks and fossils). This is highly mathematical, and the results obtained are analysed on the basis of the value of MSWD.
  7. Time series analysis: There are hardly any students who have not studied in time series analysis. Students find the application of this time series analysis in various subjects. Most of the university assignments that are of master's and Ph.D. level involve time series analysis. Fields like signal processing, finance mathematics and communication engineering uses time series analysis frequently. Fourier transforms are a popular transformation method that is studied by the students of statistics.
  8. Help with Correlation in statistics: This is a broad term that determines the relationship between two variables. We have seen the Mann-Whitney U test use correlation to establish a relationship. There are many other forms of statistics that vital and are offered as a course in the universities in Australia, UK and The USA. Business Statistics is another area that is covered by the team of our experts.

Statistical techniques cover a wide area and diverse fields including computational sociology, network biology, biostatistics, computational biology, social science, sociology and social research. Some fields of inquiry use applied statistics so extensively that they have specialized terminology. These disciplines include :

  1. Actuarial science (risk assessment in the insurance and finance industries)
  2. Data mining (applying statistics and pattern recognition to discover knowledge from data)
  3. Applied information economics

In addition, there are particular types of statistical analysis that have also developed their own specialised terminology and methodology:

  1. Structured data analysis (statistics)
  2. Bootstrap & Jackknife Resampling
  3. Statistical surveys
  4. Multivariate statistics
  5. Statistics in sports, particularly cricket and baseball
  6. Structural equation modelling

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