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Hello and welcome to this course. I am Dr. Morgan and I will teach you how to prepare a marketing plan for a company. This course is very short in nature and you can finish it in one go. If you are new to marketing course, you can progress slow and track your course progress regularly. You can start where you left the other day with the help of our inbuilt course marker.

I have talked about key areas that you should keep in mind when you write a marketing plan for your company or for any company.

Marketing plan is a most important part of any business. No matter what you plan and do with your business, if you do not have a marketing plan, chances are less that your business will succeed.

Lack of marketing plan does not only have customer loss, but it also has investor loss. Your current and potential investors want to know what you are intending to do attract more customers to keep the business profitable and running. If they will not see any marketing plan or if they are not satisfied with the marketing plan that you have created, chances are that they will not fund your business.

You should know that except few, almost all of the businesses survive on the funds from investors. Startups look for angel investors and the established companies look for all other forms of investors.

Everyone needs marketing plan, whether they are a seasoned business players or someone who is starting out in the market. Without a marketing plan, it will be very difficult to pave successful path for the business.

In this course you will learn what constitute a successful marketing plan. You will also learn about the key things that you should keep in mind while preparing your marketing plan. I have shared some key tips that you can use to prepare a strong marketing plan that your investors will love.

I have taken a hypothetical example throughout the course to help you know how you can implement the lessons you will learn.

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