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Here are various types of DB design reviews that we bring to you

Database Management involves many types of reviews as well. For high quality data several measures must be taken while combining it. Along with Pre-Implementation Design Review and Post-Implementation Design Review, there are other database reviews for database management assignment help as well:

Conceptual Design Review

It is a formal review which takes place at the starting of a Six Sigma project. It is done to ensure that the ideas which need to be implemented are consistent with regulations, customer standards and other restrictions.

The concept design review is same as the post production design review, this takes place at the end of any project. This review comes into picture at initial data and application proposal level. This validates the proposal of data and application.

A failure in carrying out conceptual design review will result into:

Logical Design Review

We have to review all the data elements, descriptions, and relationships, as well as comparison to and possibly remediation of the corporate data model.

The second type of database review is the Logical Design Review. This needs to be conducted when the first cut of the logical data model has been finished. A complete review of all relationships, descriptions, and data elements must occur during the Logical design review. The LDR must scrutinize the following areas:

  • Whether all data elements required for this application has been identified or not?
  • Whether the model is in third normal form or not?
  • Whether the data elements which have been identified have been documented accurately or not?

Physical Design Review

The detail review of the design to ensure that all of the proper database parameter settings and other physical design choices were made. It also ensures that a logical model is properly translated to the physical database accordingly.

The PDR is the third design of review phase. This is component which most database developers associate with the design review process. In addition, the DBA and DA must assure that a proper translation from logical to physical was made.

The phase of physical design review needs lots of attention. Thus, it should be broken into pieces. The physical design review can be more than a single time before implementing if notable changes emerge to the physical design of the database.

Organizational Design Review

This deals with the impact examination of the new application/database upon the organization from a business and technological perspective.

The common points which has to be considered in ODR are as follows:

  • To what extent the application will share the data of other applications?
  • Whether the application will integrate with latest production environment or not?
  • Whether the system can interact with other systems or not?
  • Whether the logical data model for the application has been integrated with the enterprise data model or not?

SQL and Application Code Review

This involves the rigorous review of every SQL assignment and related SQL statements in the application of the statement by statement basis.

The SQL Design Review must include the following analysis:

  • All the programs needs to be reviewed so that inefficient host language can be validated. In addition to this, efficient SQL implemented inefficiently within loops should also be analyzed.
  • The dynamic SQL must be reviewed to know whether it is to be run through a report or query tool or is it embedded in an application program
  • EXPLAIN must be run for every SQL statement through the production statistics. The analysis of PLAN TABLE is also a must. This is important to determine the most efficient access paths have been selected.

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What is Database?

Our top database management assignment help experts explain database as a collection of information that is organized so that it can easily be accessed, managed, and updated. In one view, databases can be classified according to types of content: bibliographic, full-text, numeric, and images. The purpose of the service is to provide you with an easy to understand solution that explains various concepts of database management. For example, mechanism for storing, managing and retrieving information can easily be understood using our high quality database management service. Database management systems achieve these functionalities with the help of Tables. We would probably set up columns named as First Name, Last Name, and Telephone Number. If we were building a table of contact information for our business that has 50 employees, we would wind up with a table that contains 50 rows.

One of the most common mistakes in database management assignment that an expert is able to identify is the data proliferation. With the increase in the amount of data over the years, it has become very important to have a robust database that can hold millions of entries. Most the business are data driven. Our Database management experts help demonstrates it by using an example of Facebook. If we are not able to fetch data at an efficient rate, then the concept of databases is rendered useless. Hence, we recommend you to hire database management assignment help provider to create an efficient and effective database design for your assignment. Our assignment experts can also help you with other programming language such as RUBY, JAVA, PHP, Python, R programming, COBOL and other programming languages.

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Below are few of the most searched database assignment online topics:

  1. Database system architecture Data Abstraction
  2. Data Definition and Data Manipulation Languages
  3. Data models Entity-relationship
  4. Data Independence
  5. Network, relational and object-oriented data models
  6. Integrity constraints and data manipulation operations
  7. SQL and QBE
  8. Relational query languages Relational algebra
  9. Relational database design Domain and data dependency
  10. tuple and domain relational calculus
  11. Normal forms including 1NF, 2NF and 3NF
  12. Armstrong's axioms
  13. Dependency preservation, lossless design
  14. Query processing and optimization Evaluation of relational algebra expressions
  15. Storage strategies Indices, B-trees, hashing
  16. Query equivalence, join strategies
  17. Multisession and Optimistic Concurrency Control schemes
  18. Transaction Processing Recovery and concurrency control
  19. locking and timestamp based schedulers
  20. Query optimization algorithms
  21. Advanced topics Object-oriented and object-relational databases, logical databases, web databases, distributed databases, data warehousing and data mining.
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