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The construction industry has always been a prime business area. As a construction manager, you may have to play a vital role in construction site management. There are multiple skills required to be a construction manager which can be learnt by handling construction management assignments. 

  • You will learn the essential skills: You will practice time management skills, quality management, decision making, working drawing, human resources and public safety, etc. They need to ensure that the construction site doesn't collapse and should last longer.
  • You will learn to specify project objectives: The first function of a construction management assignment is specifying project objectives and plans to include budgeting, delineation of the scope, scheduling, selecting project participants and setting performance requirements. 
  • You will learn resource maximization: Construction management aims at maximizing the resource efficiency through the procurement of labour, materials and equipment. This contributes to the overall performance and cost-benefit of the site. 
  • You will learn to facilitate mechanisms: Another aspect of construction management is implementing various operations through proper coordination and control of planning, design, estimating, contracting and construction in the entire process. It is the role of the construction manager to facilitate effective communications and mechanisms for resolving conflicts.

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Here is one of construction management assignment sample based on a case

With the help of sample below, you should be able to figure out how to write your construction management assignments with ease. We can do your construction management assignment with a guaranteed grade. Student grade on this coursework was 88% and we have great feedback.

Investigate evaluate and contextualise what is meant by the term ‘psychological contract’ and how (using 5 examples) articulate how this relationship methodology may be used across the built environment sector. The examples used to demonstrate your understanding should relate to a case study example where you might have witnessed its use or where you believe you could use this methodology in your day-to –day life. For example in developing a new client relationship.
Definition of psychological contract
Psychological contracts are defined as the set of expectations or promises which are not written in the employment contract and are exchanged among the parties of the employment contract such as an employer, individual employee, manager, shareholders, and work colleague. Unlike a formal contract, this contract is implicit and tends to be informal, assumed, and understandable. It is shaped by many assumptions that any individual either employee or employer makes about his relationship with others at the workplace (Wang et al., 2019). The psychological contract is used across the organization, and its usage is witnessed in day to day life in an organization. Some of the examples of usage of the psychological contract are as follows:
Case study 1 –In creating an organizational culture of trust and faith
The physiological contract is unwritten and works on expectations and promises in the organization. Moreover, the company does not mention any of the criteria in the contract paper when the employer and employee sign the employment contract(Solinger et al., 2016). Employees are also allowed to use official websites and social media sometimes for the essential personal purpose, which is not mentioned in the formal contract. However, it is also true that using an official instrument for the personal purpose strongly opposes the rules and regulations of the organization. Still, the activities are allowed to perform in the organizational premises maintaining cohesion with the employers. The psychological contract between the employers and employees starts building through the time with the enhancement of understanding, bonding, and sharing confidential information between each other (Lub et al., 2016). Factors work behind the psychological contract is – exchange of information, exchange of a wide range of ideas, developing bonding between employers and employees, and performance standard of both employees and the wage standard of the organization. Thus, the psychological contract is a significant way of creating a steady organizational culture by improving the personal relationship between employers and employees in the organization (Lubet al., 2016).
Case study 2- In accessing loyalty and support of the workforce in need of the hour
An organization often faces a situation where its function depends on the support and loyalty of its employees towards the organization and its reputation. Sometimes, it required overtime work for a meeting and maintained the client demand and relationship. An active psychological contract helps the organization in these hours of need by its employees overtime work. For example, If working hours for employees are 10 am to 7 pm, but in the case of requirement for a large number of production, there is a need for more work in a short period. It is expected from the employees that they will contribute to the organization meeting its goals. Even employees are required to work on weekends. The dedicated and loyal employees of the company work their best and work overtime to meet the needs of the company. On the other hand, employers are required to value their commitment to the organization and pay incentives for their extra work (Wang et al., 2019). This is a sudden demand for the company, and there is not any written contract for the overtime and their rewards, and it is all about the psychological contract. In this case, the psychological contract helps in creating a sense of understanding between employer and employee in the period of urgency.
Case study 3 – increasing employees engagement with the fair work scenario
This example is about avoiding favoritism of the employees. Employees are one of the critical elements for competitive advantage and the way they work to influence the working as well as make a difference between a successful and unsuccessful organization. This unwritten contract is considered as a methodology for developing and retaining the efficiency of the workforce. This is not mentioned in written form, but the employees believe that they will be appreciated and would get equal opportunities for their bright career in the organization. The company will not violet their equality rights giving everyone equal opportunities to work according to their skills and performance. As the physiological contract is based on verbal expectations and promises, Employees perceive that the company will treat him fairly, respect his efforts, and reward him for their performance. These perceptions of the psychological contract make an employee more motivated and dedicated to the goals of the organization.
Case study 4: In establishing job satisfaction
This case study example is about the reward, remuneration, and promotion scenario under a psychological contract. Employees are often rewarded with departmental advertising, official promotion, and salary increment for scoring excellent performance. However, there may not be any particular performance standard for promotion and salary increment. Advertising is often offered according to the mutual understanding between the employer and employee, which indicates the psychological contract (Van et al., 2015). Employers analyze the performance standard of employees and promote them according to the need and requirements of the organization. The promotions are often made based on the organizational need instead of the current performance standard of the employees, which leads to the implementation of the psychological contract. On the other hand, promotions are also provided to employees in exchange for relocation. For example, employers try to utilize the current workforce and performance standard for some other segment of the organization. Hence, they offer the promotion to the employees who are targeted for relocation. This is the tricky use of psychological contract as the offer for relocation or promotion was not formally written in the employment contract(Van et al, 2015). It is the mutual understanding between the employers and employees that allows the promotion. Apart from the relocation, employees are also offered a promotion to handle a particular department. These kinds of promotional offers are provided in the short-term notice. Employees are asked to take additional responsibility in exchange for promotion and additional monetary compensation. The mutual bonding and mutual respect between employers and employees lead them to sign an unwritten contract where both parties get some extra benefits from each other (Akhtar & Long, 2015). Promotions are offered according to seniority or working experience. thus, both the employers and employees exchange their thoughts and opinions with each other regarding their expectations and experience that develops a mutual bonding between them, and all these factors of the psychological contract help in creating job satisfaction of the employees (Alcoveret al., 2017).
Case study 5- In creating a positive work environment by offering fair treatment and work-life balance
The management of the company is required to meeting its employee's satisfaction as it helps in engaging the employees to their work dedicatedly and motivates those (Kraak et al., 2017). It is believed that a company must take care of the work-life balance of its employees. This is not written in an employment contract, but an employer is required to understand and support the basic need of their employees as well as maintain guidelines for balancing its workforce life. . For example, it is a psychological contract that an employee can come office a bit late the day after his festival or any occasion which is known to all. If a female employee has been working in an accounting firm for ten years and at present, she is five months pregnant. She applied for a job which was recently opened. She should not be rejected for the task accruing to her physical condition. When the employee feels their efforts and needs are not ignored, believing in the psychological contract, this will create a positive environment in the organization, which is the most important factor for low turnover rates and smooth working of the organization and achieving its organization goas. The above-discussed case studies have shown that the psychological contract is an implicit relationship between the employer and employees, and it outlines the expectation and responsibilities towards each other in this relationship. on the other hand side, the branches of this contract affect performances of the organization and results adversely in loss of a valuable employee who has contributed in the marketing and better deals for the company and this breach is associated with the increased attention of the employees to leave the organization (Kong, & Jolly, 2019) Conclusion The paper has well evaluated the term psychological contract, which is considered as the relationship methodology and articulated how this methodology could be used across the built environment sector. The paper has used the example of five case studies, which has demonstrated my understanding that usage of this methodology is witnessed in day to day life in an organization and its workplace. The paper has evaluated very well that the psychological contract is related to employee engagement and high job satisfaction, which results in low turnover rates. The paper has made this evidence that the Psychological contract has the potential for integrating several key concepts of organization. This methodology, known as the employee- employer relationship methodology influences the behavioral as well as economic outcomes of the organization.
Akhtar, M. N., & Long, L. (2015). Organizational change determinants and employee behavior: a psychological contract perspective. European Scientific Journal, 11(1).
Alcover, C. M., Rico, R., Turnley, W. H., &Bolino, M. C. (2017). Understanding the changing nature of psychological contracts in 21st-century organizations: A multiple-foci exchange relationships approach and proposed framework. Organizational Psychology Review, 7(1), 4-35.
Kong, D. T., & Jolly, P. M. (2019). A stress model of psychological contract violation among ethnic minority employees. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 25(3),424.