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Best marketing research assignment help

Most of the concepts in marketing revolve around the target customer and the target market. One more concept that helps in gathering information about the potential customer is known as Market research. Why market research is important an important component of Marketing assignments? The reason is logical. Without any basis of the market, one cannot create a robust business strategy. Hence, market research is a vital component of business strategy.

Another term that is used for interchangeably with market research is marketing research. There are experts who draw a distinction between these two concepts; marketing research is concerned specifically with marketing processes while market research is concerned specifically with markets. Market research is a key factor to maintaining competitiveness over competitors. Market research, on the other hand, provides information for the market analysis and market need, market size and competition.

It does not matter whether you are a beginner in marketing studies or pursuing your post-graduate studies, market research will be a part of your curriculum. In case this subject feels tough to master, you can try our expert assistance. We are ready to help students from every academic level. Our services include undergraduate assistance, mba  and PhD. All you need to ask for assignment help whenever you are in need.

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Different type of market research techniques that is handy for assignment writing

Primary research and secondary research are two different types of research techniques employed by Marketing professionals. Primary research is further divided into quantitative and qualitative research. Market research plays an important role in business planning and business strategy. There are a few important things to be taken care of before starting with business planning. Below are two different ways we can perform Market research at the initial level.

  • Market information and market segmentation: This helps in the estimation of market demand and supply situation. Market research assignment help provides students detailed analysis of social, technical and even legal aspects of the market. Market segmentation, on the other hand, is the division of the market on the basis of the needs of the specific segment of the market. It is widely used for segmenting on personality differences, demographic differences and gender differences.
  • SWOT Analysis: SWOT is the acronym used for Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats that a business entity has. SWOT is used for the staging of the business and continues to prevail throughout the life of the business. SWOT plays a vital role in the analysis of product design. Besides the information about the target market, it also helps in the evaluation of the competitors, products, and customers behaviour. If you are in need of assistance with other branches other than market research, you can get it as well.

Ask for assignment help with marketing research and associated areas of Marketing in Australia

  • Market analysis: The concept of market analysis deals with the dynamic nature a particular market within a particular industry. The right market analysis offers a deep insight into the industry analysis and it reflects as a better understanding of global environmental analysis. It further makes SWOT analysis easy as well. With our market analysis assignment help, you can learn how to carry out a detailed analysis.
  • Marketing plan: When it comes to draft a marketing plan you need to work harder. If you are habitual of working one night before final submission or exam, it is never going to help you. It takes a lot of work and effort to complete a marketing plan as it outlines the final goals of an entity. Just ping us now, and clear all your doubts with marketing plan assignment help and learn how to build perfect market plans.
  • 4Ps of Marketing: Students don’t often get assignments on 4P’s of Marketing because it is not a topic of study which needs a separate assignment. However, in a wide range of marketing assignments, you may require to employ the knowledge of 4P’s of marketing. So, if you are not well-versed with this segment, don’t get stressed. Our 4P's of Marketing assignment help can help you in getting a better insight into the topic.
  • Pricing Strategy: Pricing and Strategy is an emerging concept and there are a lot of job opportunities for students where knowledge of this field is required. This segment of marketing is where you should focus a lot. You should invest time in understanding the types and functioning of pricing and strategy better. If you want to avail pricing strategy assignment help, share your assignment details now.

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Marketin Reseach Sample Assignment Solution on Hotel and Tourism Australia

1.1 Collection of the data
The database regarding the customer stability or frequencies of customers within the area needs to gather for proper analysis. For doing so the management needs to collect information about the number of an average number of outsiders visiting the place daily for various business and official purposes. The following data can be collected with the help of several documents and information regarding the demographics of that area. The target population should be the travelling business class and professional workers of the different MNCs. The local census agency, records of other hotels and motels in the nearby areas may provide relevant and sufficient information about the customer bases looking for best accommodation requirements in the specified region (Gehrels and Suleri, 2016). Quantitative and Qualitative data has been collected for a particular research purpose. Major reasons behind the underperformance for the hotel have been identified by the data gathered.
People in the locality can be used as participants for the survey or questionnaire for the following research purpose. Queries were raised regarding the demands and wants of the people or travellers in a particular area for hotels and accommodation spaces (Prentice, Ma and Wong, 2018). Other than that the average income of the demographics in that area also needs to be determined for introducing the services based on their price and quality.
1.2 Data Analysis
Various data regarding the travelling class in Sydney can be analyzed using simple regression analysis. The pattern of decrease in customers and underperformance of the hotel has been plotted by the use of the particular method and further analyzed using regression to obtain the consequences and results that are comparable with the current scenario. As the data obtained will be stationary hence the method of analysis can also be chosen as time-series analysis. Data for this particular research is mainly quantitative and not independent (Gehrels and Suleri, 2016). Thus the data needs to be analyzed based on the specific time of evolution. Time series analysis offers a suitable platform for doing so and prepares a brief analysis of the data.
1.3 Reliability of Data
Reliability of data refers to the consistency or validity of the data in terms of statistics and psychometrics. Data should be accurate, consistent and reproducible. These are certain factors that decide the reliability of any kind of data. Another way of finding or ensuring the reliability of the data is by the testing method. In the following process testing process for the data is repeated for obtaining the results. Obtaining same results ensures that the data is highly reliable and can be trusted based on their perfection. Sometime when there is an inconsistency for the measurement purpose then the reliability of the data can be challenged to quite an extent. This is also a threat to the researcher, readers and the environment (Rivera, 2020). Reliability can also be ensured by the use of authentic sites, government reports and statements, scholarly journals and articles etc. which are highly authentic and subjected towards perfection.
1.4 Customer Demands
The data gathered from the various other hotels of the region were analyzed for evaluating an outcome. It was found that people travelling from the other states and neighboring regions prefer to stay in hotels with world-class facilities and luxurious arrangements within a satisfactory budget (Rivera, 2020).
1.5 Future steps 
The data has been analyzed and collected before the starting of the marketing and advertising processes. A week before the marketing activities the following procedures for data collection, accumulation, comparison and analysis is needed to be accomplished. This will ensure better marketing strategy and effective outcome in terms of launching the new hotel services within the Sydney CBD (Tutz and Ramzan, 2015). The vital part of the plan is to practice effective marketing and advertisement for the hotel services by using the data analysis results. 
1.6 Valuable Records
Information about any customer and their complaints regarding any specific issue can be kept in the form of queries, customer feedbacks and opinions in the form of soft or hard documents. These days with the use of technology these records can be easily stored within the database frameworks. These kinds of data are essential for keeping a track of the choice of the customers (Xu and Chi, 2017). Apart from that these kinds of data is valuable for implementing different market strategies in the future for a particular group of organization or entrepreneurs.
Gehrels, S. and Suleri, J., 2016. Diversity and inclusion as indicators of sustainable human resources management in the international hospitality industry. Research in Hospitality Management, 6(1), pp.61-67.
Prentice, C., Ma, E. and Wong, I., 2018. Performance driven outcomes—the case of frontline employees in the hospitality sector. Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management, 28(1), pp.101-123.
Rivera, M., 2020. Big data research in hospitality: From streetlight empiricism research to theory laden research. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 86(1), p.102447.
Tutz, G. and Ramzan, S., 2015. Improved methods for the imputation of missing data by nearest neighbor methods. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, 90(2), pp.84-99.
Xu, X. and Chi, C., 2017. Examining Operating Efficiency of U.S. Hotels: A Window Data Envelopment Analysis Approach. Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management, 26(7), pp.770-784.