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Dissertation Structure

Your dissertation is a research paper that holds much importance in your academics. Mostly your professor asks you to write a dissertation when you are pursuing Ph.D. So, you cant afford to write it without having clarity about its structure and many other factors as it might be harmful for your academics.So lets have a look at the steps you need to take to write your dissertation. Dissertation are structured in a form of essay and related to your coursework. They are normally expected to be the original search of scholarly quality, but it implies the meaning of "Scholarly" and "original" can vary with level and discipline. Some dissertation consist of surveys, laboratory studies and case-study curated by the author. While others present a series of argument from which a conclusion is reduced such as step-by-step critique of a writer's work. Especially, at the lower stages such as Bachelor, several dissertation contains tertiary research such as survey and secondary research like drawing new conclusions from already published paper.

Research proposal

Its a paper that defines the objective of your dissertation. You use it as a way to persuade your university committee that you have a topic that is worth researching, and you should be allowed to do research on the same. You also have to write how you will conduct this research and how much money you require to do it. It also defines the potential impact of the proposed research and on the capability of proposed plan for carrying the whole research out. Our organization offer affordable dissertation writing and proofreading service, with advanced editorial referencing. AllAssignmentHelp.com is one of the most trusted academic help website which have 96% positive client feedback.


Although its seems like that you just have to write your dissertation title in this section. But thats not the case, here you have to give your full name, qualification, a statement of why you are submitting this dissertation, your college name, supervisors name, and submission date. The concerned department always provide certain instructions for the layout of the Title page. It generally includes Student ID, degree level, department, dissertation proposal and the actual date of submission.


Here you should give a summary of the things you have researched and why, your research methods and why. The results of your research and conclusion. You should write it all in brief. Its a must in dissertation structure. It's sometimes required for higher-level degrees. An abstract is a type of short summary of complete thesis. Your department will always clarify if an abstract is required and what format and length it should be.


You must not forget to acknowledge the people who have helped you during your research. You will get help from many people from researching to writing, so you should give credit to them here.

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In this section, you should write your dissertation subject and your aim. You should also define the importance and relevance of what you want to prove, how you will prove it and what methods you will use. This way your dissertation structure will be complete.

Literature review

Its a must for you to give a critical review of the past researches. You should understand research themes in literature or research papers according to alternative methodologies for comparison. Our assignment help experts can tell you more about it.


Its also a must point of the dissertation structure, here you should write your data collection, data analysis, and research methods. You should also define why these methods are good enough for your research.

Results and discussion

In here, you should write your results. With that, you also need to discuss the strengths and weakness of your research paper. You can learn more about it by availing our online assignment help .


Then comes the point in the dissertation layout where you have to write a conclusion that is convincing enough to answer the questions posed in your dissertation. You should also write if there are any future developments of your research.The best conclusion also gives some indications as to where the ongoing research could lead. A conclusion can also open onto several areas which have been planned for the main body and reason of length. For example, in a dissertation which is primarily focused to criticizing an issue, the conclusion could suggest the different alternatives which might have been more efficient and appropriate or how you want to reformulate the complete field of line with your findings.

Bibliography and references

You should also give bibliography and references in your dissertation as your research could go waste if don't do it because its a method that your professor uses to make sure that your research is original.Our assignment help experts have ample knowledge of putting references in your dissertation. It's suggested to verify the thesis when it is completed, to ensure that no cited names, items are missing from the Bibliography.


Here you should write the examples of ways you have used to collect evidence for your research such as surveys, letters, statistical tables, illustrative material, and questionnaires, etc. This is generally to be present in dissertations which execute primary research, further with appendices might contain for instance a sketch of the area where case-study is being performed or series of tables of unanalyzed primary data.

So, it was an article from us to give you the insight of the dissertation structure. Hope it was helpful. You can learn more about it by getting your dissertation done by our assignment help experts.