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    systems design and different methods

    Preview :    Write a 1-2 page paper which introduces systems design and different methods of accomplishing your goal. Explain the hardware, software and user elements to systems implementation.   Read More

    distributed system designers

    Preview : 1.Explain in details why heterogeneity is a challenge for distributed system designers. Give two specificRead More

    Linux Implementation Proposal

    Preview : Linux Implementation Proposal Linx, LLC. has a new research and development group - LSDG. All systems in LSDG will run the Linux operating system and will access Read More


    Preview : Write a narrative about the knowledge map that explains the problem in your own words. Goal: Training Mobile Application The main motto Read More


    Preview : Requirement Analyze the roles of mobile computing in e-commerce. Explain some of the security concerns associated with mobile computing. This assignment tests your analytical and critical thinking skills and your abilRead More

    Questions Based on Operating System

    Preview : Requirement  1. Pick an aspect of an historical operating system (IE. Multics) and detail how a modern system supports that function. 2. Discuss an advantage or a disadvantage of open-source operating systems. 3Read More