systems design and different methods


 Write a 1-2 page paper which introduces systems design and different methods of accomplishing your goal. Explain the hardware, software and user elements to systems implementation.


A system is termed as the set of interrelated but independent procedures of business which are used within a business unit, for the accomplishment of common goals or objectives. Managers and workers in the functional areas work together in a business information system (Galegher, 2014). The information system helps in converting the strategic and organizational goals into systems by the alignment of organizations goals 

The object-oriented system design helps in identifying problems and opportunities by the identification of key participants in terms of collecting data by the use of specialized hierarchies in the form of flowcharts and diagrams. 
The information system solves the problem by making an analysis on the system as per the strength and weaknesses of the preexisting system by making an analysis of functional requirements that are needed for the new system in terms of problem-solving (Laudon, 2016). The system design follows two dimensions that are termed as logical and physical. The logical design provides the description of the functional requirements in a system whereas the physical design put the logical design into action.


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For the generation of system design alternatives, the request for proposal document is needed that will helps in providing the specific detail related to hardware and software of the system (Savery, 2015). The system design interface includes the technical description of the hardware, software and the user elements, and define the procedural components that how these components are related to each other. 
The things that need to be considered while designing problem-solving requires the requirement type, the level of automation etc. an information system is of utmost importance for an organization in order of maintaining the data in an efficient and effective way. The tool of DSS plays an important role in the decision-making process in terms of system designing (Hu, 2014). These tools are used in analyzing the process in terms of associated information that helps the managers in managing effective decision in terms of robustness.
In terms of system implementation, the process involvement requires hardware, software and the user elements (Coronel, 2016). The hardware element needs the IS vendor that offers , hardware, database and other computer related sources, whereas the software  element helps in making the decisions that the software are required from external or internal sources and the user element helps the managers in the process of decision making by creating managers and stakeholders for the new and advanced systems.
To conclude the report, in terms of system design, it is stated as the process of analyzing systems that helps in comparing the system that is designed for comparing the actual performance of the system in terms of system benefits, by reviewing the problem or an opportunity in terms of new product or market.




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