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    Foundations of Social Work Theory

    Preview : Requirement Topic:- Historical context, History of theory where it come from and where it is now. Critique of theory/ weakness. Theory links to Social practice. What is practice frame to use solve problemRead More

    Focus On Public health

    Preview : Requirement Focus groups are increasingly a favoured method in the social sciences. There are pros and cons of using this method, particularly when investigating highly sensitive topics. Write an essay on the benefitsRead More

    The Discrimination Of Ethnic Minorities

    Preview : Requirement Choosing one of the political concepts that cosmos looked at in the first few weeks (either freedom,equality or democracy),select one of the items of print media for that concept ,then analyse how the concRead More

    Communication and Work in Health Centers

    Preview :     Task 1 – Questions Question 1. a. What do you understand by verbal and non-verbal communication? b. List at least 5 points that couRead More

    Relationships With People With Mental Health Issues

    Preview : Requirement Write a 1000 words paper outlining how to: •  establish respectful relationships with people with mental health issues •  determoine the needs of people with mental health isRead More

    Living and Working with Cultural Diversity

    Preview : Task description Demonstrate your application of cultural competence through your approach to the given scenario. Imagine you are engaged as a consultant to identify the issues of cultural competence present in the scRead More

    Assessment and Discussion on Habits

    Preview : Requirement Assessment and Discussion The interview is conducted on Mr. A, a family of six (6) members among whom 2 are male and 4 are female. The family is an admixture Read More

    Influence of the Greeks on the Slaves

    Preview : Requirement Please write essay on the quesiton- my focus question is Analyse the influences the Greeks have on slavery in the Mediterranean. Font Time New Roman size 11 Solution Read More

    The Development of a new Human Resource System

    Preview : Requirement Write a proposal for the development of a new Human Resource system focused on a specific job within your organization on Bartender. Bar Marco Bartender SolutionRead More