The Discrimination Of Ethnic Minorities

Choosing one of the political concepts that cosmos looked at in the first few weeks (either freedom,equality or democracy),select one of the items of print media for that concept ,then analyse how the concept is understood in the item of media 




In order to conduct this study, a political concept ethnic equality has been selected. This study is based on the following report. The report“Universities must aim higher on ethnic equality and diversity” was published on the website "The Conversation" on February 3, 2015. In this report, the author has identified the negative freedom that has been practiced in the universities. There is a high degree of ethnic inequality in the universities (Universities must aim higher on racial equality and diversity2018). Despite promoting ethnic equality, the universities are practicing ethnic disparities, and the universities have a long way to go to become exemplars of racial equality and diversity. Instead of doing better for ethnic equality the universities are doing worse. 

The article “Universities must aim higher on ethnic equality and diversity” is talking about the discrimination that the ethnic minorities are facing at the universities. The reportpoints out that the ethnic minorities are facing a lot of discrimination on the basis of race at the universities. The report also points out that the universities are discriminating between ethnic minorities and majorities in offering places for admission, in the results, in the opportunities of the job (Universities must aim higher on ethnic equality and diversity2018). The ethnic minorities have less opportunity of a job than their white peers. The reportstates that some policies have been formulated to tackle the issue of racial inequality and diversity, but those policies have not been implemented. All those policies are only on paper rather than inaction. The universities are not a concern for making some real changes in order to eliminate the issue of ethnic inequality and diversity. In order to bring some real changes to address the issue of ethnic disparities the article also suggests few policies (Janssens andZanoni, 2014). The report states that there is a need of developing and implementing race equality policies in the universities, but several universities are slow in order to comply with the development and implementation of policies related to ethnic equality and diversity. It states that the effective development and implementation of the policies of ethnic equality and diversity require support and commitment of the leaders of the universities (Wrench, 2016). It is essential to ensure ethnic equality and diversity because diversity in one of the valuable institutional assets, therefore, it should be actively promoted as such.

In this report, it has been portrayed that all the humans are equal and therefore should be treated equally irrespective of their race, language, gender, religion, geographical location, demographic, etc. The universities are increasingly practicing inequality on the basis of race. According to the Runnymede publication, there are several major causes for concern. The admission rate of the ethnic minorities is lower than the ethnic majorities. Particularly the black has a lower rate of admission in the universities than their qualified white peers. Discrimination on the basis of race is being practiced in the universities, and therefore the ethnic minorities have to face several incidents in which they are forced to consider themselves lower than their white peers. The ethnic minorities are also suffering for their results. They are getting a lower grade than their white peers despite the prediction of A-level grade (Universities must aim higher on ethnic equality and diversity2018). Apart from this, the ethnic minorities are also facing difficulties in getting jobs.
According to a report, it has been found in the United Kingdom there were only seventeen black female professors. The universities are giving low priority to creating and implementing policies for ethnic equality and diversity within the universities. It means the universities are not a concern for developing and implementing policies to deal with the racial inequality and diversity. In order to address all these issues, a radical change are required (Thompson, 2016).
As far as ethnic equality is concerned, the ethnic minorities should not be harassed mentally or physically, but if all the ethnic minorities will get the same opportunities in education and job, then there would be a serious concern for the people who are the ethnic majority.  If the people from all over the globe come in the country and there are policies to provide equal opportunities in universities for admission and job the ethnic majority will have less chance to get admission and job due to the increase in competition.
The competition for entry as well as the job will increase tremendously, and hence the people of the country would ultimately suffer (Molloy et al., 2017). It is the primary responsibility of the government of a nation to provide ample opportunities for education and job to its people in order to develop and strengthen the country. It is the right of the people of a nation to get education facilities as well as job opportunities from the government of the country. But if the government would be failed in this field that is providing education facilities and job opportunities to the people of the nation, the government would lose thetrust of the people. Apart from this, due to equal opportunity for education and job opportunities for both ethnic minority and the ethnic majority will make the ethnic majority less secure. A sense of insecure will develop in the mind of the people of the country (Molloy et al., 2017). Therefore, in order to protect and create a sense of security the government and the university should not provide equal opportunities to the ethnic minorities.  


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In the last, it can be concluded that the universities are a place which focuses on the concept of equality and diversity. The universities raise the voice against discrimination and believe in equality on the basis of race, gender, religion, demographics, geographical location, income, etc. But instead of promoting ethnic equality the universities are making it worse. There should be a fair system of admission in the universities, the result should be declared fairly, and ethnic minorities should also get enough job opportunities.


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