The Development of a new Human Resource System


Write a proposal for the development of a new Human Resource system focused on a specific job within your organization on Bartender.

Bar Marco Bartender


Job Overview and Selection

Bars, lounges, pubs and taverns are the musical and colorful places where the people, the society, go to enjoyment, parties, celebration, relaxation or socialization. Here, comes the role of Bartenders. And, Bartender, were the people who play an important figure in the establishment. Yes, their main role is to mix and serve beverages and drinks, but he/she is not simply a mixer of autonomous drink. Their role pleases the customers’ relaxation with their cool and fresh welcome. The bartender  needs to keep their workplace clean and fresh by ensuring their completion of all the duties. He/she should have to maintain an energetic, cheerful and upbeat attitude. The bartender must possess a deep and colorful knowledge of mixing the drinks, he/she should be known to famous drinking recipes correctly and able to quickly serve the mixture of drinks as per the requirement. In addition, the bartender also possesses a role of being a decorator of drinks by garnishing it with the appropriate amount of or supply of ice and should possess a knowledge of glasses like in which glass, which drink would be served (, 2016). And, also he/she should be aware of certain circumstances like as follows:

  • Mixing of drinks as per the recipes.

  • Greet customers with a cheerful attitude.

  • Be ensure of identification of the customer whether he/she possess a legal age of drinking.

  • Make sure of clean surroundings.

  • Deal with the proper system of payment collection.

  • Manage operational and functional area of the bar with regard to proper supplies.

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In recruiting for the Bartender, it is extremely important that we only attract the interest of those individuals who meet and exceed these requirements.
For this, we intend to select the best figure in the world. Traditionally in the society, the bartenders and restaurant employees are looked down upon in the eyes of others. These seemed as that they were not able to hold a decent employment profile. Yes, it is also true that no child at his/her age thinks “when I grow up, I want to be a bartender”. But, the picture is not always true, the bartenders work for the social benefit and for the money from the right way of earning rather to make a money by doing any random crimes which uphold bad influence in their own eyes. Though, thousands of people from all over the world apply to become one of the  best bartenders. However, we are able to select a limited bartender for our organization (Thrillist, 2016). From up-and-comers to high-priced established bartenders, we have the responsibility to select the elite and make sure the audience enjoys it. Through behaviorally-based structured interviews and physical ability tests, we will be able to get a rating that will tell us whether or not the individual is qualified. The first step in our selection process is to have a structured interview for all of the candidates.  In the Bar Marco, we are not looking for bartenders who are merely good in their performance; they must know how to handle themselves out of the cage as well. We attempt to hire bartenders who stay out of trouble and are very knowledgeable in order to help promote the upbeat attitude and at the same time, be role models for all of their customers. The implementation of structured interviews will allow us to ask all applicants the same questions, which provides consistency in not only the candidate experience but also in the information that is obtained from candidates. The behavioral nature of the questions will allow us to gauge who is prepared to be a positive representative of Bar Marco - who has the right attitude when tasked with acting as a spokesperson for the company, who has the mental wherewithal to be bogged down by drug or personal issues, and who will not break down during rigorous training for a high-profile party. By comparing candidate responses to pre-established standards, we will be able to judge which candidates have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to fit into our organization, the job itself, and be a positive representative of Bar Marco brand. The structured interview questions will be validated by content validity. Our staff, quite a few of whom are former Bar Marco bartenders themselves, will be reviewed each lead question, each set of probe questions, and the evaluation standards for each question. These experts will rate these questionable elements of their quality, clarity, and job relatedness. We will edit the questions components based on candidate feedback. This content validity process will be formally documented in a report, which will serve as our defense in the event of discrimination claims. We believe that a structured, validated interviewing approach is necessary, despite the minimal time and expense involved in establishing the process. A structured approach allows us to be fair to everyone by asking the same questions, and the involvement of our bartenders will help ensure clear linkage between job performance and the questions. The candidates’ structured interview rating score will be judged on a 50-point scale. Candidates who score 40 points and above will be considered “passing,” and will proceed on to the second test, a physical ability test. 
The physical ability test is worth a total of 200 points. Candidates will be observed during the live session by the on-going procedure or working of a bartender. This unique test will also be validated by content validity since the assessment so closely matches what is actually required on the job. We will summarize this process in a report for use in the event of a discrimination change. The physical ability test will be scored on a 100 point scale. Candidates who obtain at least 80 points will be considered “passing” and will be offered a position with Bar Marco.
Through this two-pronged process, we can tell which applicants possess extraordinary traits in both the mental and physical duties of the job. We believe that a multiple hurdle approach is necessary for ensuring that only those with a high level of qualifications actually progress to the hiring stage (, 2016). The Ultimate Bartender is awarded both the final test and a potential avenue for career advancement for bartenders—excellence on the show will allow them to hit the ground running with our organization.
Our hope is that bartenders selected through this process will generate more revenue for Bar Marco, remain employed with us longer. In this process, we are able to find those who can handle themselves in a responsible manner in and out of the cage. If we are to invest Bar Marco promotional machine in a bartender, that individual must be able to meet strict, lofty requirements of the interview process, physical testing, and, ultimately, The Ultimate Bartender. If a bartender can perform well on all these measures, then the implementation of these new selection procedures will pay itself off with ease.

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