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3.5 Physical Evidence

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It is the physical environment that is experienced by the customers. Business such as hotel and airplane services, the customers do not purchase any product, they use the services.

The experience they get from the environment decides whether they will come back again.

Therefore, a soothing environment is of utmost importance. The type of environment you should have for your customers depends on the taste of your customers.

Suppose you run a restaurant, and the target market of your company is the older generation who are looking for peaceful locations to eat and spend time. In order to make them comfortable and feel good, you may have to play a soothing music and keep the environment dark.

On the other hand, if your target market is teenagers who are looking for places to eat and drink, then you can have loud music, bright surrounding, and everything colorful.

If you selling a product, then you may not want to include Physical Evidence in your Marketing Plan, unless you are planning to sell your product by bringing the customers to your wide shopping area that can provide awesome shopping environment.