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3.1 Product

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You may have heard the term Marketing Mix. There were 4Ps in a marketing mix. Later, three more Ps added to it. Now it is 7Ps. These Ps are different aspects of marketing that work together to create better customer experience and increase company profitability.

You have to have a product that customers want. If you think that your product is flawless and cool, it is good. But if your customers do not want it, it is garbage!

Companies make product for the people. So your product should all the features that your customers are looking for.

This is only thing that will attract your customers first towards your company. Other things comes later. Your high brand value will be of no use if your customers do not like the product.

So product comes first. Make a good product, people will find you. It has become truer in the current digital edge where information travels like a wildfire.