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3.4 Promotion

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Promotion and advertisement is the reason your customers get attracted towards your company. Generally, you use advertisement to communicate to the customers about your product.

You cannot expect your customers to come to you purchase your product if they do not know about it. Advertisement fulfills this role through television and radio ads, social media ads, and others.

Promotion is what you use to give customers different offers. You give discounts, free products, coupons, free membership, and others to purchase your product.

You can see I have separated advertisement and promotion. It is just for the sake of clarity.

In practical, both are used together in most of the cases. Almost all the companies add some promotional elements when they go to advertise their products.

For example, “30% off on new pair of shoes”.

It serves two purposes. On one hand where it tells the customers that new shoes are in the shop, it also tells them that they can purchase it at 30% less.

In your marketing plan you should mention all the promotional techniques you are going to use to attract your target customers.

So far we have seen 4Ps of marketing. These 4Ps were brought in picture with the products and services in the mind. Later it was realized that these 4Ps are not enough for services. Therefore, 3 more Ps were created that are mostly service sector focused.

In the next three lessons we will learn about these three other Ps.