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2.4 Historical Background

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In the historical background you give your audience an idea of the business idea and how things started. This chapter forms the base for the things you are going to discuss in the marketing plan.

This is generally for the readers who are unaware about your business and reading your marketing plan for the first time. If your marketing plan is only for internal use, then you can certainly remove this section.

Furthermore, you can even delete all the major humdrums of this whole plan such as executive summary, table of contents, and others. You can just cut to the chase and prepare your plan.

But if your plan is going to be read by other person in the organization such as your subordinate, senior management, or anyone from the outside of the company, then you have to have all the necessary sections to keep plan easy to read and comfortable in look.

In the historical background chapter you should specify what your business does, mission, and vision of the company. It should also indicate the aspects that will take your company towards success.

While writing historical background, you should ensure not to bore the readers with all the gory details. Keep it short and to the point.

You should mention only enough that readers should be able to understand your business in order to go through your marketing plan.