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2.5 Marketing Goals and Objectives

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It is the most important part of your Marketing Plan. Here you mention what you want to achieve through your marketing activity.

Your goals and objectives should be based on SMART format, that is, it should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound. If your goals and objectives do not fit this criteria, then it is less likely that your reader will be convinced on your ability to achieve such goals. One of the examples of SMART Marketing Goal can be:

“20% growth in product sale in the next one year”

Let us breakdown this goal and see if it is SMART based.

Specific: Product sale

Measurable: 20% Growth

Attainable: Company is new, sale is low. 1000 products sold last, year, 20% growth means, 200 more products this year. Seems achievable. Right?

Relevant: Product sale is directly related to profits, so no doubt it is relevant.

Time-Bound: One year time period.

You can see our example is as per the SMART goal. You can create similar goals and objectives and insert in this chapter.

Your goals and objectives can cover wide area such as sales objectives, profit objectives, pricing objectives, product objectives, or others.