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2.1 Executive Summary

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You should know, in blunt terms, Marketing Plan is just another document that contains details on what the company is intending to do on a particular aspect of the business.

This document has a particular structure which are expected by every company to follow. The reason is that the marketing plan is viewed and reviewed by several parties, by the top management to the current and potential funders.

Therefore, it is expected to be in the form that is easy to grasp and read through.

In this section, Key Chapters, we will know about the key sections that are part of the marketing plan.

Executive Summary is the most important chapter out of all other chapters in a marketing plan. Executive Summary comes right after the title page and before the Table of Contents.

This chapter is read by executives and people who are short on time but wants to know all the important points of the plan. So this plan is made small and comprehensive.

This chapter’s position comes before all other chapters, but it is completed only after all other chapters are completed. It is done because it contains the summary of all other chapters. So it is logical to complete it last as you cannot write a good summary without writing the whole chapter.