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2.8 Consumer Analysis

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In this section you present your findings about your consumers. You write what you know about your target consumer and how they are the ideal ones.

You can list all the things that are expected by your customers from a company and how you can fulfill those expectations.

You should also mention what you will give to them that other companies are not giving. This can be your unique selling proposition. If it is strong, it is likely that the customers will flock towards your company.

Also, state the market segment for your product and the approach you will take to sell your products to them.

Mention the potential of product sales from the target market.

Give detail on the taste and preferences of your customers. What they want to listen? Where they go? What they do? Why they will purchase your product? Will they bring other customers to make more purchase? Do they watch more television or spent their time online?

In this chapter you should mention all the details that are required to understand your target customers and why they are fit for selection.

Remember, selection of right target customers is the only first step towards the success of a marketing plan. It does not matter how much money you spend behind your marketing activities. If your target market is not right, you will possibly fail.