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    Economics for business

    Preview : In this sample, you are going to learn about Economis of Business. You will get to learn various terms and technolgies, that might me helpful for you in you univeristy assignments. This sample is posted by AllRead More

    Supply and demand chain management

    Preview : Question 1 In summary, the ingredients in the competitive model are: 1.    rational, self-interested consumers 2.    rational, profit maximising Read More

    Islamic banking

    Preview : Write an essay on “Islamic banking: as an alternative social and ethical banking”. The issues to be addressed in the essay 1.  What is Islamic Banking? 2.  What is permissible under Islamic banRead More

    major factors contributing shortage of butter

    Preview :   The major factors contributing shortage of butter and its impact on quantity and price equilibrium  It has been highlighted in the case study that there is a huge shortagRead More


    Preview : Question and Answers on Econometrics assginment.  Question 1 (a) Give an intuitive and non-technical explanation of what is meant by cointegration, illuRead More

    The Economic Impact

    Preview : Australia’s Trade Policy: The Economic Impact Introduction  ThRead More