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    Network Packet Analyzer

    Preview :  The Application Layer   Network Packet Analyzer Network Packet Analyzers are the tools which capture the raw data from the inteRead More

    Different Database Technologies

    Preview : Requirement DATABASE TECHNOLOGIES Solutions MySQL MySQL is considered the most famous Relational Database Management System. It has followinRead More

    Completion and justification of DBA

    Preview : Requirement Completion and justification of DBA actions for a given case study, addressing these learning outcomes: - select and critically evaluate appropriate DBA tools for managing a database system - critically dRead More

    Competing on Data Analytics

    Preview : Solution Competing on Analytics This case study advocates the importance of data analytics for an organization. It has given comparative studies that state the usefulness ofRead More

    Data Analysis and Tools

    Preview : Requirement Data Analysis and Tools Solution Data Collection and Analysis One of the journals that I referred for my lRead More

    Telecommunications and Data Management Developments

    Preview : Requirement Section 1 : Mergers in the Telecoms sector  Over the past 2-3 years, there have been many mergers and takeovers in the telecommunications sector, and more are envisaged or else in the pipeline for theRead More