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    Community Engagement

    Preview : The samples talks about importance of having effective community engagement. The entire process will be beneficial for both the university students and the individuals and families living in marginalized position. The prRead More

    Question - Answers based on Life Coaching

    Preview : Question 1 A potential client requests information on coaching. Describe, using examples, how you would respond. Consider the what, how and why of aspects such as – InformationRead More

    Case Management Plan on Social workers

    Preview : Write a Case Management Plan on "Social workers conduct Aged care assessment and are involved in care planning, monitoring and evaluating the service to clients". ARead More

    Feminist Theory and Social Work

    Preview : Essay on Feminist Theory and Social Work.     [FEMINIST THEORY & SOCIAL WORK] Introduction [orderStripe]   Read More


    Preview :   GERMANY: A CONSISTENT COORDINATED MARKET ECONOMY? Introduction [orderStripe] The entire project will revolve around the varieties of cRead More

    Social work theories

    Preview :   This assessment requires to demonstrate their knowledge of social work theories.  The chosen theories are:- 1. Critical Theory 2. Antioppessive theory.    Read More

    Universal Declaration of Human Rights

    Preview : To what extent is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights(UDHR) a useful source for understanding peace.    Despite the fact that the issue of war and peace has occupied a focal poRead More

    Katie’s needs and aspirations

    Preview : Activity 3 Katie is a client with a mild intellectual disability. She is unemployed and is very unhappy about this. She loves gardening and has a beautiful, well-maintained garden of her Read More

    write a project proposal

    Preview :   Students will write a project proposal (professional report) that outlines the development of a program to meet the needs of the target group identified (Australian young people AGED 18 - 35, who are strugglingRead More

    education plan in community service industry

    Preview : Create a 5 page leisure education plan in community service industry. Introduction: Leisure education is the process which enables the individual or the organRead More