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Question - 2 What are the major steps of a Chaitin-Briggs (global, bottom-up) register allocator?repeated if instructions are spilled?range that includes all program point from that definition up to the last use of that definition. register allocator? of the definitions of some variable (or virtual register) and a subset of the uses of that virtual register, such that any definition of that variable that reaches a use in the live range's "use set" will be included in that live range's "definition set" and "use set" will include every use that can be reached from a definition in that live range's "use set". Each definition of a variable and each use of a variable may appear only ...Read More

Solution Preview - otation Used: - GI: Interference Graph, where GI = (NI, EI) R: Number of Registers (R colours) N: Node or Vertex in the Graph GI While there exists vertices with < R neighbours in GI 1.1 Pick any vertex N (degree) N < R and push it onto the stack 1.2 Remove that vertex and all the associated edges with it from GI If GI is non-e

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