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Do My Java assignment using applets and solve door puzzle problem

Question - 1. British puzzlemaker H. E. Dudeney concocted an interesting puzzle about a bored postman called the “Peevish Postman Problem”. According to Dudeney, the postman worked in a small post office with consecutive letter boxes numbered 1 to 100. Each box was equipped with a door that could be opened and closed. Late one evening the postman made a “pass” at the boxes and opened every door. Still bored, he walked back to the beginning and made a second pass, this time visiting boxes 2, 4, 6, …, 100. Since those doors were now open, he closed them. On the third pass he visited boxes 3, 6, 9, 12, …, 99 and if a door was open he closed it, and if the door was closed he opened it. He continued to make passe ...Read More

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