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Solve My Cost Accounting Assignment which includes case study of ACC Engineering Pte Ltd

Question - DAccf 3rd intake Oct 2013Acc002 CMA CA2 Group Assignment Page 1

Full-Time Diploma in Accounting (DACCF)

CONTINUOUS ASSESSMENT 2 Group Assignment – 40 marks (10% weightage)

Read these instructions carefully. There will be a penalty with mark deduction if instructions are
not strictly followed.
There should be 3 members per group. Groups are to submit HARDCOPY assignments to the
instructor on Week 12 in class. Write your FULL na mes AND your IC/Passport numbers as in
the register on the Assignment/Project Submission F orm (Appendix). The document footer must
include all 2-3 student names and pages number (for mat: Pg x of y). ...Read More

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