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Do my mathematical modelling and practical assignment in word or excel sheet

Question - A company manufactures specialised engineering components for the aerospace industry. However, due to competition and the overall demand for the product the demand quality equation is Q=200-2PDetermine a formula in terms of Q for the total revenue.2.The fixed costs are 150 and the variable costs are 5 for every unit produced, determine a cost formula in terms of Q3.Graph the two plots and determine both breakeven points4.Explain the significance of the second breakeven point (Pi<P2), why is the revenue less at this point.5.When is the optimal price and quantity reached6.It is thought after 25 months, the optimal quantity figure will in fact be the steady state figure and sales should follow an exponential growth pattern. If ...Read More

Solution Preview - tical Assignment Given: Q=200-2P P= (200-Q)/2 Total Revenue = P*Q = (200-Q)/2 * Q = (200Q – Q2)/2 Fixed Cost= 150 Variable Cost = 5Q Total Cost= 150+5Q Table: Q Total Cost Total Revenue 0 150 0 10 200 950 20 250 1800 30 300 2550 40 350 3200 50 400 3750 60 450 4200 70 500 4550

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