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Question - A company manufactures specialised engineering components for the aerospace industry. However, due to competition and the overall demand for the product the demand quality equation is Q=200-2PDetermine a formula in terms of Q for the total revenue.2.The fixed costs are 150 and the variable costs are 5 for every unit produced, determine a cost formula in terms of Q3.Graph the two plots and determine both breakeven points4.Explain the significance of the second breakeven point (Pi

Solution Preview - tical Assignment Given: Q=200-2P P= (200-Q)/2 Total Revenue = P*Q = (200-Q)/2 * Q = (200Q – Q2)/2 Fixed Cost= 150 Variable Cost = 5Q Total Cost= 150+5Q Table: Q Total Cost Total Revenue 0 150 0 10 200 950 20 250 1800 30 300 2550 40 350 3200 50 400 3750 60 450 4200 70 500 4550

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