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Help me with my HNC civil engineering, production management principles homework

Question - Moulton College Higher Education Course Assessment Front SheetCourse: FdSc/HNS Construction Management FdSc/HNS Civil EngineeringModule: Production Management Principles Name:UON Student No: Management Theory, Communication and Organisational Structure Assignment Code: LEM2025AS1 Full and part time studentsSet & Assessed by David Eaton Moderator: Georgina Burton SignatureDate: 08-10-2012Assessment Set and issued on:Date: 04-11-2012Assessment due in no later than:Date: 16-12-2013Assessment returned to learner:Date: Re-sit final submission date (This will be a different assignment)Date: 28-03-2013Specific objectives and elements being assessedRef:DescriptionaExamine the principles of ...Read More

Solution Preview - GEREF _Toc373962238 \h 1Working environment in the construction firm PAGEREF _Toc373962239 \h 1Use of integrated software in construction project PAGEREF _Toc373962240 \h 3How ICT does not help in removing the barriers of communication PAGEREF _Toc373962241 \h 3Critically evaluate the role that management theory has to play in informing the practic

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