John Watkins

Expert of Operating System with rating 4.8


Knowledge of mixed operating systems like Linux, Windows, Red Hat, Mac OS X, etc; Fluency in high-level programming language; good knowledge of web servers, TCP/IP networking, and LAN/WAN environments. Also I have a good knowledge of OS internals such as process lifecycle, file systems, storage, etc and love to invest my time in writing and exploring all such topics.

Area of Expertise 

  • Cascading Style Sheets
  • Microsoft Proxy Server
  • Linux, Windows, Red Hat

Occupation/ Designation 

  • Working as an operating system manager in a company for five years
  • Working with for past four years
  • Worked in an institute as a faculty of the operating system for two years

Professional Skills 

  • Implementing Knowledge of OS internals such as file systems
  • Creating front-end and back-end solutions for the software
  • Handling and assessing data entry and record keeping 
  • Planning and reviewing production and project schedules
  • Working with high-level programming languages and the web servers 
  • Implementing strategies to increase efficiency and to ensure improvements
  • Teaching concepts of the operating system to the students to enhance their skill


  • Water Sports
  • Writing
  • Driving

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