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Help me with my CM0547 Professionalism and Project Management Assignment

Question - Academic Conduct: You must adhere to the university regulations on academic conduct. Formal inquiry proceedings will be instigated if there is any suspicion of misconduct or plagiarism in your work. Refer to the University’s regulations on assessment if you are unclear as to the meaning of these terms. The latest copy is available on the university website. Learning Outcomes assessed by this assignment are: 2. Discuss the issues associated with the needs of continued professional development. 4. To reflect on the student’s individual contribution and performance to the group work in order to develop a strategy for continual professional development. the following areas: Discuss whether the existence of BCS Codes of Conduc ...Read More

Solution Preview - of Conduct Improvement of BCS Code of Conduct and Good Practice The BCS Code of Conduct and good practice specifies the certified standards obligatory by the British Computer Society as a stipulation of membership (Doyle, 2000; Duquenoy, Jones, & Blundell, 2008). This code applies to members of all capacities, including affiliates and studen

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