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Question -
Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) Plus
The TRIPS Agreement of the WTO has introduced and implemented a TRIPS protection as a single undertaking and uniform standard for all WTO members. But developed members are now increasingly seeking a TRIPS protection standard and its enforcement far higher than the agreed and adopted protection standard in the TRIPS Agreement. This new and higher standard for TRIPS protection has come to be known as the TRIPS Plus.
Your research task is:
To make a critical appraisal of the TRIPS Plus, highlighting and commenting upon its evolutionary development, contents, implementation with specific examples, and conflict with the TRIPS Agreement.
Word Limit: 2500 words

Solution Preview - TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Introduction: PAGEREF _Toc401520400 \h 2Evolutionary development of TRIPS Plus: PAGEREF _Toc401520401 \h 3Contents, implementation with specific examples of TRIPS Plus and conflict with the TRIPS Agreement. PAGEREF _Toc401520402 \h 5Conclusion: PAGEREF _Toc401520403 \h 9References: PAGEREF _Toc401520404 \h 10 Introduction

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