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Question - Assignment Question Identify and Discuss major changes taking place in the external and internal environment of an organization, or a section of an organization, with which you are familiar. Explain how each of these changes is impacting on power relationship and management of people within that organization. Your assignment should discuss, but not necessarily be confined to, issues emerging from the following topics that are discussed in the case study. Labour Force trends Development in employment law Workplace communication Technological changes The employment relationship Assignment Structure Executive Summary Introduction Discussion and Analysis Conclusion References Notes

Solution Preview - fessor’s name: The Course Title: Date: Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u INTRODUCTION PAGEREF _Toc396315774 \h 2Discussion and Analysis PAGEREF _Toc396315775 \h 3Porter’s Five Forces Model (1980) PAGEREF _Toc396315776 \h 3Buyer’s power PAGEREF _Toc396315777 \h 3Supplier’s Power PAGEREF _Toc396315778 \h 4Threat of New Entrant PAGEREF _Toc3

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