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Essay help on UNDROIT principle and the CISG

Question - Exam questions Write short essay for each question. Use the UNDROIT principle and the CISG. ( Compare ) Maximum is 12 pages for all questions. public policy The issue of public policy in international commercial law CISG ” Mandatory rules”? The article 1.4 of UNIDROIT principle (public policy). How do you define a public policy in UNIDROIT principle and in CISG? The Human rights in public policy? The jurisdiction The choice of law (the consideration) contract agency refers to general principle UNIDROIT and how do you define it in international principle and where do you find resources and compare with CISG. (The jurisdiction) General principle promissory estoppel clause. (Reliance) Inconsistent behavior. Give an ...Read More

Solution Preview - ontents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Introduction: PAGEREF _Toc404735249 \h 31. Public Policy: PAGEREF _Toc404735250 \h 32. The Jurisdiction: PAGEREF _Toc404735251 \h 4Inconsistent behavior: PAGEREF _Toc404735252 \h 53. Hardship: PAGEREF _Toc404735253 \h 65. Good faith: PAGEREF _Toc404735254 \h 9References: PAGEREF _Toc404735255 \h 12 Introduction:Th

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