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University Of North Carolina At Greensboro Operations And Supply Chain Management Assignment Help - An equimolar

Question - An equimolar liquid mixture of benzene and toluene is separated into two product streams by
distillation. A process flowchart and a somewhat oversimplified description of what happens in the
process follow:
Inside the column a liquid stream flows downward and a vapor stream rises. At each point in the
column some of the liquid vaporizes and some of the vapor condenses. The vapor leaving the top of
the column, which contains 97mole% benzene, is completely condensed and split into two equal
fractions: one is taken off as the overhead product stream, and the other (the reflux) is recycled to the
top of the column. The overhead product stream contains 89.2% of the benzene fed to the column.
The liquid leaving the bottom of the column is ...Read More

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